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  1. 2 hours ago, Merion_Mom said:

    There is definitely a supply & demand aspect to it.


    If they didn't get those prices, they wouldn't be able to charge them.


    There is probably also an element of needing a 3 person cabin.  There is probably a greater cost for that category.


    What date were you looking at?


    Sailing out the weekend of July 4th or 5th. 

  2. I’ve only cruised Carnival in the past but I would really like to try RC just to see how it differs. I looked at 7 day cruises from Port Canaveral during early July 2020 from both lines. I found one from Carnival on The Breeze and one from RC on Harmony of the Seas. Now I realize that Harmony is one of their largest ships with all the bells and whistles. But the RC cruise was around $1,500 more for my family of 3. I can understand a higher cost just based on the things the RC ship offers (climbing wall, flowrider, etc.)  But what could the RC cruise possibly offer that would justify a $1,500 difference? I really want to try a cruise on RC but that’s a really big difference. We could enjoy some really good shore excursions for that price difference. I guess that question could really only be answered by people that have been on both ships. But I would like some honest feedback. 

  3. Last time I checked the basic package without lunch had disappeared.




    Is it actually still available at the ticket booth, or can you get an allowance towards some other food? If not, seems to defeat the object of providing alternative dining venues.




    I'm really not sure if it can be ordered at the ticket booth or not. But I did notice people eating other things.



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  4. We were there 2 weeks ago. We didn't see any sand flies and felt 100% safe the entire time. As a matter of fact, I think that is now my favorite port because of that place. It was beautiful and very relaxing. If I had to find a complaint I would say it was the food that came with the package. No one in our group cared for it. Next time I will just order something different from the menu.



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  5. I would also like more info on the pay as you go. And if you get the package, is lunch a buffet? The Shore Excursioneer website says buffet but the Little French Key website doesn't mention that.



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  6. How did you set up the onboard expense account online? I have a similar situation and made sure everyone from both rooms was on the same account. I have done this previously and my recollection is that I only get one bill and all credits from both cabins are combined.



    I have my credit card on file for both rooms. That why I was hoping the OBC would be used up first no matter who was making charges. I really don't want to have charges incurred on my credit card because the same person is buying things after their OBC is used up. And someone else in the room go home with OBC still on their S&S card because they didn't use their card as much.



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  7. We received $50 OBC per room when we booked. My wife and I are in one room. And my teenage daughter and her friend will be in the other room. Will I (or my wife) have access to the entire $100 or only the $50 I got with our room?

    And a similar question. I'm going to add some more OBC from my Carnival MasterCard points. Will that credit be available to all 4 of us?



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  8. I'll be in Cozumel in July with my wife, daughter, and her friend. We're looking into a guided jeep or dune buggy tour. Shore Excursioneer shows several different options to choose from and most of the itineraries look to be the same (or really close). As anyone taken any of these tours and would recommend a particular company to use?



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  9. I've been looking online at the shark ray alley excursions in Belize. I found two different ones that are similarly priced. The itineraries are almost the same. Except one stops at Hol Chan for snorkeling and the other stops at Coral Gardens. Is there a difference in these two places? If so, which one is preferred?



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  10. For what it's worth, we started taking our kids to PB when they were something like 4 and 6, way before there was a pool. Been there bunches of times since and even though they're out of college now PB still remains at the top of our collective list for beach clubs. We don't drink alcohol either and most definitely like good food. My wife doesn't lay in the sun and isn't interested in the sand unless it's in Grand Cayman. The whole property is nice. Beautiful pool area, shade at the pool and on the beach between the pool and the water. Clean restrooms. Excellent service and very good food. I've never felt like I overspent. Have fun wherever you go.



    Thanks for the input. I really like hearing about all the shade. The only negative I keep hearing is about the beach being rocky. Or maybe it was the sand being rocky after entering the water. I really can't remember. Do you remember that being a problem?



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  11. After reading so many post my eyes are crossing. I think I've narrowed it down to Mr Sanchos, Paradise Beach, and Nachi Cocom. It's my wife, myself, and 2 teenage girls (14 & 15). We're not drinkers so interest in alcohol. But food on the other hand is a different story, lol. The girls all like the sun. But all I care about is relaxing in the shade. So plenty of shaded areas is a must. I think the girls would enjoy the water inflatables. But honestly at their age. I'm not sure how long they would keep their attention. I like the all you can eat option at Sanchos. But is it really worth it if you're not drinking alcohol? If my research is correct. It looks like there will only be 2 ships in port that day if that makes a difference.



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  12. We booked early saver for our July cruise back in December. And last month I noticed our rate went down and they were also offering $50 on board credit per room. So I called and took advantage of the better rate with OBC. Tonight I noticed our rate dropped another $20 per room (we have 2 rooms booked) but they're no longer offering the OBC. So if I take advantage of the price drop would I lose that OBC?



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