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  1. It's not horrible... I mean a day on the beach beats a day at work in my book!:)


    The food is terrible, there is only one type of beer, and the drive out there is a half hour or more. Margaritas are free and the more you drink the better they get.


    I went there about a month ago and if I had it to do over I would shop around but in the end it is what you make of it.

  2. I went there on 9/9/14.

    After shopping and a quick tour of Progreso, my group was approached by a street hawker offering the Technotel all inclusive day package of unlimited alcoholic drinks, food, beach and kayaking for the sum of $35usd.


    Everyone in my group decided that the price was reasonable and after a 20 minute wait for the street hawkers to sell the package to more customers, they finally loaded us into a small van...but before we pulled out to leave for Technotel another street hawker gets in the van and offers us return directly to the ship for an extra $5usd.

    The van driver decided to give us the 45 minute "scenic" tour to the resort which I am sure is on purpose as it means less drinking and eating by everyone in the van.


    We arrive at Technotel and confusion starts as others in the van had been told it was all inclusive but that they did not purchase the "food and drink added" all inclusive package. My group just went on to the bar and ordered a couple beers and gritas. Beer was poured into small plastic cups from a 40oz bottle, the only beer available for the all inclusive package was SOL. Gritas were decent enough and surely made with the cheapest tequila available. That was fine as the more you drank the better they got.


    The food on the buffet was horrible. Some sort of boiled chicken they were saying was "fajita" flavored, beans,cheese, and when I say cheese we are talking the bland canned nacho cheese that you get at a 7-11.

    A bean and cheese nachos was offered or you could have them make you the same bean and cheese nachos A la carte. Kinda redundant and I don't count it as an extra dish..Point being, the food was disgusting!!!


    Beach was nice and clean, resort was clean, pools were nice. Everyone was having a fun time and we decided to use one of the kayaks. The kid running the kayak station asked for $10usd per person for us to use the kayaks. The "Hola mi amigo" attitude from him changed pretty quickly after I told the him that we had been told that the kayaks were included in the all inclusive package that we had bought. I'm not fluent in Spanish but I know when I have been told to $&%@ off and he wasn't budging from his $10usd pricing.

    I went to the manager of Technotel to complain about the kayak situation and he told us that the street hawkers should not have told us that the kayaks were included but he would honor what we had been told was included in the package. He had a talk with "Mi amigo" kayak kid and we got to spend some time out on the kayaks. Big ups the the manager!


    When it was time to go the van driver picked us up and after a short 20 minute drive back we arrived at the ship.


    All in all in was a good time but would I do it again? I dunno, I would probably do more research to see if there were any better places to go for the day.

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