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  1. CruiseFan_101

    English vs American

    [quote name='jocap']Hi, Hat!...my 2 worst ones are pants for trousers ("You should see what I keep in my pants pocket!")- overheard on NCL Jade at dinner, which left me gob smacked....and the words for a bum bag, which I find unpleasant....I have had lesser words "starred" out on here, so at first I thought some host was missing out this much ruder word..... then I checked in a dictionary, and it's down as taboo for UK only (don't know about Malta!). Jo.[/QUOTE] LOL, bum bag is the worst!
  2. Apparently in response to the state of emergency in Tunisia, MSC have cancelled all port calls to the country until early 2016. http://www.cruisearabiaonline.com/News/2015/07/09/MSC-Cruises-first-to-suspend-Tunis-following-Tunisia-state-of-emergency-over-Sousse-terror-attack Malta is the alternate destination.
  3. CruiseFan_101

    United grounds all flights

    Apparently United had their technical glitch at the same time that the Wall Street Journal went offline due to a technical error, and the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading, also due to a technical problem. I'm not a conspiracy theorist type of person, but isn't it a bit odd that three major US brands/entities all suffered an internal technical error simultaneously? [url]http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/tech-issues-nyse-wsj-united-spark-conspiracy-theories-article-1.2285601[/url]
  4. CruiseFan_101

    Dubai on a Friday

    Arabian Courtyard is in an area called Bur Dubai, known locally as Old Dubai, I personally love it, but it isn't for everyone, especially if you want to see the glimmering touristy Dubai that is usually promoted to the world. Definitely check out Dubai Museum, which is right nearby the hotel! It gives a great insight into how the city became what it is today.
  5. CruiseFan_101

    Muscat Security

    Totally safe and secure from my experience, been there six times in the last year. Although it seems you're not safe from terrorism anywhere these days with the recent ISIS attack in Kuwait! (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/27/world/kuwait-mosque-attack/)
  6. CruiseFan_101

    Tunisia Cruise Port Changes?

    This probably wont affect you cos you said you're looking at spring 2016, but MSC have apparently just cancelled tunis for the coming season: [url]http://www.cruisearabiaonline.com/News/2015/07/09/MSC-Cruises-first-to-suspend-Tunis-following-Tunisia-state-of-emergency-over-Sousse-terror-attack[/url]
  7. CruiseFan_101

    MSC cruises suspend Tunis

    So MSC Cruises have decided that Tunis is a no-go for the duration of the coming winter cruise season in the Med: [url]http://www.cruisearabiaonline.com/News/2015/07/09/MSC-Cruises-first-to-suspend-Tunis-following-Tunisia-state-of-emergency-over-Sousse-terror-attack[/url] “The suspension of all calls in Tunisia for the upcoming winter 2015-16 is connected with the just-announced declaration of a state of emergency by the Tunisian authorities" - from the press release. Who wants to take a bet Costa will be next? :)
  8. CruiseFan_101

    Adonia to alternate to Cuba

    Apparently the prices start at $2900! That's almost double the prices for the Dominican cruises, this cruise website predicts a negative response and it certainly has one from me, I'll wait for prices to come down before I see Cuba if that's what it takes.
  9. Cuba is awesome, I'm so glad there's a major cruise line visiting there finally (Cuba Cruises and Celestyal Crystal never appealed to me), but the renovated MSC Opera will be awesome. Hopefully other European cruise lines will follow suit, and US ones when the political/legal issues are put to bed.
  10. CruiseFan_101

    Virgin Cruises Crystal Gazing

    Just came across this article looking at what Virgin Cruises might be like as a cruise line and wondered what predictions you guys have in terms of how they'll make themselves different? http://www.cruisearabiaonline.com/Industry-Focus/2015/07/05/Top-5-Predictions--A-preview-of-what-to-expect-aboard-Virgin-Cruises-and-why-it-s-likely-to-dominate
  11. CruiseFan_101


    Apparently Tunisia is being added as a port of call for more cruises, they're not cancelling, terrorist attacks or not. I'm divided on whether this is a good or bad thing, I guess its for us to decide whether to book. http://www.cruisearabiaonline.com/News/2015/07/01/Cruise-industry-not-cowed-by-Tunisian-terror-attacks-in-Sousse-as-more-cruise-lines-add-Tunis