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  1. I just booked it! I cancelled my Oasis trip and we are going on the 10 day on the Dream leaving Oct. 15th. I got a letter in the mail and finally looked it up last Friday. What a deal! $150 for an interior and they give you $150 in room credit. It is free!!! I paid the upgrade however and hopped on a balcony for $400 per person plus we get the $150. room credit. A 10 day cruise for $650 plus port fees is just amazing! I am a very happy camper. Especially since my Royal cruise was going to be $2300 before we set foot on the ship.


    I will be paying more attention to my offers from them in the future! WHOOHOO!!:D I have not cruised Carnival in quite a few years. I am pretty sure that is why they sent me the offer. They wanted my business back.


    Yay im happy for you!!!! It's a steal of a deal


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  2. 2 cruises down for us on Carnival and I was messing around on their site just for pricing and never booked and BAM 2 offers, 1 "free cruise" call last night, was not home so I dont know the details and I was looking online and had a very generous "Journys" cruise and was shocked on how cheap the prices were, so much so I had to call and see if I was going to have to sit through a time share program!




    Now decideing on which one I want, still want to find out the details on the "free cruise"......


    Who knows how these things work.


    Same here only if I was retired I would jump on the offers $349 for 10 days in oct on the dream good until June 30th :( oh well


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  3. It's worth the money, plus get to know your bartenders tip them and they will definitely give you your money's worth on pours and suggestions never had an issue with prompt service, also plan on getting cheers again next time if we didnt get cheers I know I would not have tried anything different but my goto drink.


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  4. The Tea Time desserts are all scrumptious! There are chocolate and lemon cakes, scones, macaroons, tarts, and strawberries with cream! :D


    The best dessert last cruise was at tea time a slice of almond cake it was not overly sweet yet tasted incredible


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  5. Just got off the Fortuna upgraded to a suite and we got all the suite benefits! First Costa cruise (cruised many time with NCL, Carnival and P&O) won't be our last! I will post more details later


    Im looking forward to your review very interested in Costa cruise


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