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  1. On "excursion days" it's room service - I'm not a morning person & I can nibble while I get ready to go out - double lox & cream cheese, whatever fruit they have, juice & a smuggled bottle of diet coke (I don't "do" coffee!) If the excursion is going to be a bus ride to somewhere, I usually get a box of cereal (granola is best for this) & pack it in my bag in case I get the munchies before lunch is available. (This worked well when we did the western Caribbean in '03 & every excursion involved a 1-2 hr bus ride somewhere, with lunch about 1pm - after having breakfast at 7!)


    On "days at sea", if I feel like the dining room, I get eggs over easy, grits or oatmeal, whole wheat toast, banana or other fruit. Otherwise, it's whatever looks good at the breakfast buffet. I watch my weight, so I try to stay away from excess fats & "empty calories", but I do have as much fruit as I want & have protein with every meal, especially breakfast!


    In 3 weeks, I will have already had my first breakfast on my cruise! Woohoo!



  2. I know that every one has their own special way of smuggling liquor - but we bought those little plastic travel bottles they sell for your shampoo, conditioneer etc. Ran them through the dishwasher and filled them up - then I just put them in a ziploc baggie and spread them into our various suitcases - I figured they wouldn't get them all actually they didn't get any - and DH had lil' travel containers he could just pull out of his pocket and pour into his coke wherever - we didn't have to run to our room all the time like some of our fellow guests.


    Hey Okie Girl - Can't beleive I found both your posts! Welcome to cruise critic!


  3. haha, thanks Sharonella! Our group definitely didn't own any tuxes! They man I'm kissing in the second photo even had to buy the shirt and shoes specifically for the cruise (when he told me he was only bringing brown shoes, I dragged him to the mall) and borrowed the pants and tie from the other man.


    Littlebit12: I love to get all dolled up as well, and I certainly agree with Sharonella that it's nice when I have an opportunity to wear my expensive gowns more than once. Unfortunately, for us it was a matter of packing space (or lack thereof). The six of us had to drive 8 hours to Toronto, stopping overnight on the way and again in the city, and then fly to Miami. I didn't want my gown to get crushed on the way!


    Most cruise lines have pressing service for a reasonable fee - I think I had all 3 dreeses I brought on my first cruise (about 2 yrs ago) done for less than $15. You need to make sure the dresses are already cleaned tho - there isn't a drycleaning svc, & pressing could set in any of those "invisible" stains that might already be there.:eek:



  4. Last year I went on an NCL Caribbean cruise. We didn't get as dressed up for formal night as many other posters in this thread, but we didn't feel out of place at all. In fact, we saw very few people wearing floor-length gowns or tuxedos.




    I'm the one in the blue dress.


    What a good looking group! On the 2 cruises I've been on so far, most people on formal night seem to dress as your crowd did - "dressy" dresses & suits. I happen to own a few gowns from other events, so I like the opportunity to wear them again. (They co$t enough!) Many "formal" dresses are shorter these days (as opposed to floor length - but I have been seeing more & more longer ones recently in the stores). Plus, I think that most men who wear tuxes actually own them, rather than rent them.

  5. Hi earthfarie


    I think that eating what other people serve us "automatically" causes us to eat more than we normally would on our own - larger portions, lots of stuff in sauces & butter, as well as the extra "hidden" calories we can't "see" (usually fat!)


    Because I was very active & watched my WOE, I was able to stay the same on my past cruises & plan to do the same on my next. What helps me a lot is, since I travel with a group of people (Relatives & close friends), I can always have a taste of everything, without having to have a whole plateful! And ALL the food is SO good, I never feel deprived by sticking to "healthier" choices - I mean, it's not like I'm eating carrot sticks while everyone else is eating what they want! :p


    Plus, I think, limiting alcohol can make a big difference. When I was thirsty, I drank water, & really "savored" my drinks when I did have them!


    I've worked to hard to lose this weight. I just don't want to come back from a vacation having to lose 5 lbs I had already lost!:eek:



  6. I either stay the same or have lost weight on a cruise - It is NOT for lack of eating or drinking - not shy there! It's cuz I have such a poor sense of direction, I'm lost all the time on the ship!! I probably walk the ship WAY more than your average passenger!! :rolleyes:


    LOL! That's probably why I didn't gain my first cruise - it took me the whole 8 days to figure hout how to get everywhere! My 2nd cruise, I paid more attention & knew where I was better -- I just walked around more, on purpose!


  7. Basically - wear something nice that you also feel comfortable wearing. No point in wearing something fancy if it itches, is too tight, or otherwise doesn't make you feel good wearing it!


    For our 1st cruise, we sailed with my theatre grouP & most of the men had tuxes for the shows & concerts we had done, so my BF got into the spirit of the thing borrowed an extra tux & looked so awesome! Of course, most of us ladies had glittery formal dresses & gowns that we had worn on stage & in concerts, too!


    2nd time around we cruised with family & they were very leery about "formal nights". My BF's mom & I "dressed up", but my sisters just wore black dress pants & sparkly tops on formal nights. My BF actually forgot his suit :eek: & we bought a last minute sport jacket, dress shirt & tie in Fla. the night before we sailed (God bless Dillard's & flying in the day before the cruise!), which he wore with khakis. My BIL wore a sport coat, khaki's & a dark-colored t-shirt. (He wasn't coming on the cruise at all if he "had" to wear a suit!)


    And we all looked fine & had a grand time - which was the point of it all!

  8. On both my previous cruises, I lost 1 lb. I think it was mostly all the walking - on ship & off. And while I never deprived myself of what I really wanted to eat either time, I really didn't go overboard & drank LOTS of water. I practically always had a mug of ice water with me wherever I went, & a water bottle each time I left the ship.


    1st cruise, I wasn't dieting, but we were on a very tight budget - so no frou-frou drinks - just the occasional beer & split a bottle of wine with tablemates at dinner 2x. Of course the free drinks at the captain's cocktail party.


    2nd cruise, I was actively watching my diet & ate small portions of mostly healthier items - but ate EVERYTHING I truly wanted, including a few slices of the "to die for" goat cheese pizza. Drank more, tho - Had about 1 beer per day, + some wine at dinner 2x, + the free drinks & appetizers at both the captain's & the past cruiser's parties. So even though I was more active 2nd cruise (gym 2x, + NEVER the elevators, + walking on beaches & excursions, + "shipwalking" for 30+ min several times +++) I know the added alcohol made a difference, too!


    Cruising need not be a feeding frenzy!

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