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  1. I'm taking a TA cruise to Copenhagen on April 14, and some of my cruise clothes are too tight. I've recently lost eight pounds, one since last Thursday, and I'd like to lose at least five more pounds before I leave. It's possible if I can just stay focused, but I have some events that may cause problems, lunches, family visits, etc. It's fun to read about your upcoming cruises. Thanks for letting me join.

  2. Well, not really. The water produced from sea water comes from two different methods. The first is flash distillation, where the sea water is boiled in a vacuum and then re-condensed, making distilled water that has less than 1ppm sea salt, otherwise it is dumped back to the sea and not used. The second method is reverse osmosis, where the sea water is highly pressurized, and the water molecules are forced through pores in a membrane that only allow molecules the size of water to pass. Both sodium and chlorine ions (the components of salt when dissolved in water) are both larger than water molecules, so they cannot pass. These units also have salinity meters on them that reject any product that has more than 20ppm of sea salt. For a comparison, both Miami/Dade County, and NYC, in their most recent water quality reports show results in the 30-65ppm sodium range. So, the "naturally salty" water produced onboard is less salty than the municipal water in most large metropolitan areas of the US.


    Wow, we have some experts on the subject here. I guess I was misinformed.

  3. I think this cruise was meant for folks that live in Southern California and close to the port. We had also been pushing for this itinerary for a very long time.


    It will be sold out very soon, we were one of the first to book it!!!:):):)


    You're right, and there are a lot of us here in Southern California so I'm sure it will sell out soon. I hope my cruising pals will be as excited as I am.

  4. We live 30 miles from the cruise port in Long Beach, and nine of us are taking a six-day Carnival Cruise in December. We're trying to figure out the least expensive way to get to the port. Do we drive two cars and park them for the duration or arrange shuttle transportation for all of us both ways? Have any of you compared these options and can provide suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Well gang,

    I actually achieved my goal. I had been trying since January and pretty much just not gaining. What helped me get over the hump was DH. He wanted to get in shape for the cruise so we started having diet dinners and breakfasts on the weekends. We are both at goal weight now and leave on the 11th. All we keep talking about is what we are going to eat when we can finally EAT!!! At least we will start off fitting in those cruise clothes. :p


    Congratulations' It does really help when DH goes along.

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