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  1. We cruise for the entire experience. That being said, the first and foremost consideration is the itinerary. After that would be the cruise line itself, and finally the amenities. The cruise would lose something if the destinations were great but the food and the entertainment, especially on repositioning cruises with so many sea days, were poor. 

  2. OK, can someone tell me if there is a web site that you can find out if there are any groups on your ship during your cruise week?



    Check on your ship and departure date in the Roll Call section of CruiseCritic. We did this when we went to the Eastern Mediterranean and met many wonderful people. We ended up arranging group tours in port. This saves money as many operators base their price on the vehicle and not on the number of passengers aboard!


    Also see if a meet and greet is being arranged by anyone. It’s a great way to meet with the people you’ve been corresponding with, as well as members to the crew (the cruise director and sometimes the Captain are frequently in attendance).



  3. Basically anything that you feel that you feel that you must have before your bags are delivered to your stateroom. Camera gear and so on would qualify. Anything that you are able to do without for a few hours should be checked. This is much like boarding an aircraft without as many restrictions that the airlines and the US Government might impose.

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