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  1. We have had both a DV and a PV cabin.  The last cruise was in a PV and the extra room and layout was delightful.  Even though you do not drink I don't believe the mini bar is replenished for free in a DV.  You also get earlier access to booking excursions and the specialty restaurants with a PV  cabin

  2. We just received word from our TA that the inaugural cruise season for the Moon has been canceled.  We were to be on her in September for a back to back Mediterranean.  The information was that Silversea does not know when the ship will be ready for cruising.

  3. We asked for the wine on the first day and the cabin steward brought it later that afternoon.  He replaced it without us asking when he saw the empty bottle.

  4. If Viking is collecting the gratuity there is no way of knowing who is getting the gratuity and at what amount.  Is a laundry worker getting the same tip as a waiter, or as has been suggested are they getting the gratuity at all?

  5. Gratuities could be included in the fare, but that does not address the issue of who is getting the gratuity.  It shouldn't be called a gratuity if it is a service fee since a gratuity is usually given based on the quality of service.

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