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  1. Apparently Trevor and I got our wires crossed with the quote! It was indeed an extra $110 pp on top of the $100 for the transport from Mo Bay (and $50 for 2 tours of Rose Hall) so we decided to leave it. We'll hang around Doctors Cave beach instead, chilling. We've done all the usual Dunns River Martha Brae etc on a previous holiday so its fine, and we might come back on a full holiday in the future :)

  2. Hi. We're in Mo Bay for a day from a cruise in 2 weeks time. We would like to visit the Royalton in Falmouth for the day as its where we had our honeymoon (years ago!). Also we don't want to pay our cruise co's extortionate prices. Any idea how I can get a price for a reliable taxi to and from the Royalton from Montego Bay and also what the Royalton charge day visitors? thanks

  3. Hi Isla we are doing this cruise on 18th Feb. Not sure whether to bother with the drinks package as we don't drink that much, and anyway the first 2 nights in Havana will probably be spent onshore. Do you know what the arrangements are for water in the restaurants/bars if you don't have a package and can you drink the tapwater in the cabins? Any tips for places to visit in Havana? We're Brits, what currency would you recommend we bring? We will be visiting all ports (but probably looking at booking our own excursions as the cruise line ones are expensive). many thanks, Kate :)

  4. Great posts by the way and apologies for 'butting in' on your preview, but would like to add some comments.

    We did the Anthem early July and really had some great weather.

    I was fortunate to board the North Star around 5 times during the cruise and not really having the 'head for heights' I managed it ok, in fact it travels upwards so slowly that you do not really notice it is moving. But the views alone are something to look forward to. It goes up something like 300 feet above sea level.

    The only negative comment I have is that, in the area which was set aside for queuing, there was no shade.

    The 'Anthem' is definitely a ship with the WOW factor.


    Forgive my butting in too, when we were lining up for the North star the attendant had an umbrella but I guess that's cos he was there for hours. We kept an eye and when the queue was short we junped in!

  5. We just got back from our first cruise, which was on anthem. We had the select drinks package included in the deal when we booked. Not sure its worth £27 pppd with the exception of our 20yr old who made the most of it! Then again you only need to have 3 drinks over the day to break even. We had wine, beer or prosecco and soft drinks altho the juice was confusing, in some bars it was included and not others. I found this out when I was charged $3 to my account for a fresh juice in the solarium - no biggie but just check with the bartender if not sure. Prosecco was my downfall I have to say :)

    Didn't see any free drinks at sailaway but the first royal evening the bubbly was freely flowing (not to get confused with when you choose to dress up for a reservation in the Grande, royal evenings are announced in the bulletin for the next day and the idea is that everyone dresses up regardless of where you're eating).

    Hope that helps :)

  6. Included in this package is wine by the glass to the value of $8. However, on looking at some restaurant menus kindly posted by someone, I couldn't see any wines at less than $9-12 per glass. Is this RCCI's way of ripping us off by charging us the extra per glass I wonder? Also, being brand new to cruising forgive my ignorance but are hot drinks free?


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