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  1. Posting a little late here:

    We’ve been on plenty of ocean cruises including a few to Europe and So America. In the course of researching another ocean cruise, I randomly got an email from a TA about an upcoming Uniworld Cruise. I think I considered it for about 40 minutes before booking. It was 3 months in advance of the sailing time, Paris to Paris for holiday lights in mid December. We ended up upgrading to the top category with a private butler. Honestly, it wasn’t expensive. Everything was included and we had zero balance at the end of the cruise. This definitely spoiled us forever! I’m not sure where we go from here, but I would highly recommend Uniworld!

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  2. It had the craziest deck plans.    Irregularly shaped cabins arranged every which way and unusual ones like these inside cabins that had a window looking out to a passageway that had a porthole.   It was a great ship for exploring!

    Love the bars on the windows!

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  3. Interesting question!


    We’ve done cruises on NCL, Princess and RCCL, exclusively to the Caribbean, and all 25+years ago. After that big break, we decided to try cruising again and picked a Med cruise on NCL for itinerary, time of year, and price, and we’ve stuck with them ever since for another 4 cruises within the last 5 years. I keep looking at other lines but with those top 3 reasons, NCL wins out. Is everything perfect? Hardly! But nothing of any consequence is a deal breaking issue for us.


    I do think a really odd phenomenon is how after a cruise or two on one line, you take any criticism super personal, since it calls into question your choices and makes you super defensive! I do it too, in my head of course, just not in social media. It does make me laugh though!



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  4. We chose our cruises based on itinerary. The ship is some place to eat and sleep. Pick the cruise with the itinerary that is most attractive to you. Both ships are Breakaway-Plus ships. We have sailed on the Escape 5 times and will be on our second Encore cruise in a few months. The ships are similar enough without major flaws that the itinerary would be the only deciding factor for us. 

    This[emoji651]️. First cruise on Escape coming late fall, and only because it’s Northern Europe. That Caribbean cruise box got checked a long time ago!

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  5. Would you rather have....




    A) A $1000 cruise with an additional $1500 in service charges added.




    B) A $2000 cruise with an additional $500 in service charges added.




    C) A $2500 cruise with no additional service charges added.




    If the total is the same, why do people care about how NCL distributes the $2500? As long as I have $2500 (or more) worth of enjoyment, I'm good. :cool:




    You forgot option D) Stay home and complain full time!



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  6. Conditioning/forcing people to eat when they're not hungry is a good way to foster later obesity.




    Odd. So I would assume me they were hungry when they put it on their plates 5 minutes ago but lost their appetite soon after. Sorry, I don't buy that.



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  7. I've tried to avoid weighing in but I fear I must. I know the OP asked about traveling with a small fan. I think that's okay but frankly I prefer to travel with an entourage of fans of all sizes. I would hope my entire fan base would all want to cruise with me! That's all[emoji3]



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  8. Due to high seas, Rome was skipped on my Epic cruise that embarked in Barcelona last year. We had been to Rome previously but some guests were super bummed. I am guessing those folks that were to board in Rome jumped in on the next port, but I never heard exactly how this was handled. So in this instance embarking in Barcelona was the better choice.



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