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  1. Ellen-


    Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you so much for sharing your photos--you looked gorgeous and you and your DH looked like you were having a fantastic time, which is the best part!


    Your cake was so pretty, and it gives me hope that they won't screw up our special order cake--it's so expensive!


    I do have a question for you. Was your ceremony music on deck 16 live or piped in? Also, at your reception, did you provide the CD player or did you hook up an ipod or something similar to their sound system.





  2. We're doing the same thing on princess, and were told that they should be able to plan this approx. 45 days out (possible closer to sailing). Since your sailing date is so close, i bet your TA will hear soon. You may also want to post a message on the Royal Caribbean board to ask others who have organized group cocktail hours how early they heard. And, you could contact RCCL directly.


    Good luck!

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