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  1. You may use one, and only one, referral coupon for each cruise you take. You can make a second referral at any time, but you may not use the second referral--or any subsequent ones--on the initial cruise. The second on board coupon would become relevant to your second cruise, and so on. After the first obc has been credited to your account for your February cruise, your next obc will generate a gift certificate (for $400) that will be sent to you by SB, and that piece of paper should accompany you on your next cruise and be handed to the purser. (This last comes from the kind folks at Seabourn Club; I haven't personally experienced it.) I hope this helps.


    Thank you for clarifying this. I definitely helped!

  2. I just used a referral coupon for friends of ours who are booking their first seabourn cruise. they cruise in december, we cruise again in february when we get a $400 credit.


    if i refer a second new guest, do i get a second $400 shipboard credit in february? or do i need to wait until after february to make the second referral.


    hope this makes sense. i don't want to waste my second referral coupon.



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