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  1. 7 minutes ago, ScubaCat3 said:

    With the high prices currently in place for the deluxe beverage package there will be lots of people who find out they don't need it as much as they thought they did. Royal is leaving a lot of money on the table from those who would purchase at a slightly lesser price. Maybe they will eventually figure that out.

    totally agree.  At the current price I would by on for myself but not my wife.  but you all know the rules.  I can get my moneys worth, my wife will not.  so its way cheaper for us not to have one.

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  2. There are a few added benefits.  I do not have the card by my Father-In-Law does. he loves the President's Cruises.  He told me that this past year they had several really nice, high end, events only for RCCL Credit Card holders.


    Dont know if its worth it.  or maybe get it and dont used it.  Just because it wasnt mentioned yet.



  3. On 12/25/2018 at 8:46 AM, leaveitallbehind said:

    I won't try to sell you, but we are long time RCI loyalist who tried Celebrity a few years ago and now cruise primarily with them.  If interested, here is a review I wrote with our opinion in comparing the two after our fist cruise with Celebrity:



    Mike, really liked the post, it was helpful to my cause.



  4. we need to get a fishing section going on this site


    I have fished in Bonaire, San Juan, and also have a good recommendation in cozumel as well.


    I am always looking for my next charter.

  5. I know there was another topic about this, but here is my lesson learned.


    I booked some fishing in San Juan with a local guide.  Harmony was scheduled (on Dec 13) to arrive at 7 a.m.  This was not local time, this was ships time.  Apparently, when the eastern time zone is off of Daylight Savings (winter months) there is a 1 hour difference in San Juan and the ships generally stay on Eastern Time.  I was however told that this is at the discretion of the captain as well.


    I discovered this on board as we were at St. Maarten and was able to email my guide and he was able to work with me.  just thought i would pass this on.  the 7 a.m. arrival was 8 a.m. local time. 1:30 all aboard was 2:30 local time.  I just kept my watch on ships time so i did not get messed up, because my phone did change to local time automatically. 


    So if you are making plans outside of the cruise line....take this into account.



  6. Just now, Croozin Soozin said:

    Sorry for your disappointment.  If you haven't already sent this email, may I suggest rereading it and correcting a number of errors before sending.


    I know it's too late now, but I think I would have spoken to the cabin attendant in advance to be sure your plans were carried out as you wished.

    a cleaner version went to royal.  this was copied from my rough draft not from my email.


    and yes, hindsight is 20/20 and I would have spoken to the room attendant for sure if I did it again.  I guess it wasn't so much the mistake (I am in business and mistakes are made every day) it is the response received.  First, excuses that were not relevant, then being directly told someone would contact me and that never happening.  I am not looking for discounts or credit just an acceptable response.

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  7. Just got off the Harmony.  Great time but had one issue.  I bought an anniversary champagne package and was disappointed.  below is my letter to royal.  am i wrong here?


    Too whom it may concern,


    There are many choices when selecting a cruise line, but when my wife and I decided we were going to take a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary we decided that that we would go with Royal Caribbean because we have always like the level of service we receive compared to the other lines and at the completion of this cruise we would reach the Diamond Level within the Crown and Anchor.


    We cruised on the Harmony of the Seas last week on the December 9th sailing to Celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  This was our third sailing with Royal Caribbean this year, and as usually Royal Caribbean did not disappoint us with the level of service we received in the Main Dining Room, Housekeeping, at the Bars, etc.  Our wait staff and room attendant were some of the best we have had.


    There was, however, one major disappointment during our week and it occurred on our anniversary, December 11.  I had purchased in advance the “Anniversary with Champagne Package” for $165 USD.  As you probably already know this package includes some Champagne, some chocolate covered berries, a photo frame, as well as decorations in our room.  This was purchased as a surprise for my wife for our anniversary.  Most of the disappointment has to do with the timing of the delivery.  Let me explain.

    My wife and I left our room around 11:30 this day to have lunch and when we returned the package had not been delivered.  While we were gone for about 2 to 2.5 hours housekeeping had made up our room for the morning.  I figured the package would be delivered while were at dinner in the afternoon.


    My wife and I left our room again for dinner around 5 p.m. for our 5:30 seating at dinner and then went to the casino and returned to the room around 8 – 8:30 p.m. and I was excited to see my wife’s surprise when the room was decorated, and we enjoyed some Champagne for the evening. 


    Our room had been made up by housekeeping and a bottle of “warm” champagne and some chocolate covered fruit had been place on our counter.  There, however, were no Decorations, now mirror cling, pillow cases, towel, etc. delivered.  I felt there must have been some sort of mistake, so I explained to my wife what should have been and apologized to her.  Please remember this is my 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it special for my wife.  I left the room and spoke with the loyalty ambassador regarding this issue.  She phoned guest services and I was offered an excuse that they were “waiting” for us to leave the room so it could be decorated.  If you followed my time line above, you will understand why I find this to not be a viable reason for this failure.  We were gone for 2.5 to 3 hours, housekeeping had made up our room, there was ample time for this to happen.


    I was told someone would contact me to remedy the situation after the loyalty ambassador spoke to guest services.  This never happened.  My wife and I went out to another deck and when we returned at 11 p.m. to our stateroom, it had been decorated and all the things that should have happened earlier were provided.  In my opinion, this was well too late.  Any moment of surprise or specialness was well gone when I had to explain to my wife earlier what should have been.


    I find it very disappointing that I was never contacted further regarding this situation while on board.  Simply delivering the rest of the package late to my stateroom was not an acceptable solution.  At that point I would rather it not have been delivered at all and felt like it had taken away some of the celebration that should have been for my 25th wedding anniversary.  I found my self in the position of apologizing to my wife for this failure myself. This is not about the money spent but the moment lost on a very important time and date.



  8. On 12/11/2018 at 8:59 AM, andertim1 said:

    I’m leaving on my first RCI cruise in 5 days. I’ve sailed a lot in the past with other cruise lines. This post reminds me of why I would never do princess again. There were too many snootie people on that cruise always making comments about their status on looking down on people trying a new cruise line. I’m sure there are a ton of wonderful diamond and pentacle members, but it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil someone’s experience. Maybe I’ll count how many wonderful people I’ll meet on the Harmony vs other. Glass half full (or in my case with deluxe package) always full versus half empty/ can’t get a free drink because there’s a small wait. 

    Lol we have made it a drinking game, every time my mother in law mentions she is D+ or at the Diamond Lounge we drink!!! she has now stopped mentioning it every 5 minutes.  I actually just turned Diamond but when i look in the lounge....I have seen more fun happening at a funeral home.  Who wants to be sitting in there?

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  9. I will be honest, old menu's or new menu's, I just don't care as long as I get a menu.


    Food was basically good....only once did I order something that I did not like (it was the pork tenderloin with a cheese glaze) and the waiter immediately saw that I wasn't happen and was at my side asking me what other item I would like.


    On this cruise as well. our server told us the menus would be changing soon, i cant remember when because it didnt matter to me but i felt like it was in a few weeks.

  10. I was on this cruise as well...


    **Can not say enough about how bad the PIZZA was** I had to get pizza at my local shop as soon as I got home to restore my faith in humanity.


    we had 5:30 MDR and our waiter Sergey was the best we ever had. Food was average in the MDR

    Windjammer food was the windjammer food.


    Productions shows: went to first one: did not go back. the ship orchestra was good, the ships singers and dances were average or below for what we are used to on RC.


    Headliner shows: they had some pretty good comedians, the three tenors were good, a ventriloquist show (you have no idea how many times it took to spell that) that was good. did not see the juggler guy but herd he was ok. did not see the ice shows.


    we had an inner room this time and were missing out usual balcony but did enjoy the darkness. it was 8645 and it was noisy. think there was crew access area close by with alot of bumping sounds.


    liked the ports and did a booked on my own fishing excursion on Bonaire....if your interested in a crazy fishing charter send me a message i got stories.


    all and all it was a great cruise, as always I ate too much, gambled too much, and drank too much!




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