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  1. Just curious from those on this cruise that left 7/1 - is the 30 OBC showing on the acct for anyone? I was going to ask Guest services about it but lines have been long . It’s not a biggie but I was thinking of using it to book one of the shows if it was there . I’m not seeing it on my acct when I view it



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  2. I contacted the shuttle service I’m using and they are saying the port of Miami schedule that is updated by the coast guard is showing arrival between 10- 1pm. I found a site for port of miami Biscayne Bay pilots schedule for ports and it’s showing arrival of the getaway at 10 am. It was just updated a little bit ago. Just wish NCL would provide us better info.

  3. I called in and they said the same thing to me about knowing it was an issue but the planner I talked to was able to make my reservations for For the record and after midnight. Apparently she had a few calls on this issue already today as she was familiar with the issue



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  4. i just had a really bad customer service experience with RCL that totally made me rethink cruising with them.

    I am a long time DCL cruiser - platinum level - but with the recent high prices, I decided to look at other cruise lines. I've been checking out RCL and their recent schedule and decided to try them out.


    Last night I booked a cruise for Feb 2018 (kinda of a planner ). I went thru the entire booking process and paid the deposit. It displayed a deposit of $250 so that is what I paid. I received an email a little bit later to create an account to manage the reservation. I set that all up. Once I logged in , I noticed that it said I still owed $250. I thought maybe what I had just paid hadn't posted to their system yet. They did have a promotion that ended yesterday that offered 1/2 deposit on some cruises. My cruise didn't indicate if it was in the promotion or not but since it came up wth the 250 deposit I figured it was.


    I logged in this morning to see if it was displaying correctly. It still showed I owed the 250. I called RCL and explained the issue. He said that apparently my cruise didn't fall under the promotion. I'm like then why did the website offer the 250 deposit. He acted it was my fault and said if I didn't want the cruise to auto cancel then I needed to pay the rest. I asked to speak to his supervisor


    I waited about 10 minutes and I talked to another person and explained the situation. She said that my cruise apparently didn't fall under the promotion. I'm like then why was I offered the 1/2 deposit. I would not have arbitrarily decided to pay 1/2 if I knew it was 500. I asked if there was any way to honor what their own site provided. She took my email and said she could see what she could do but no promises.


    Couple hours later I received an email from her, the revenue team could not add the promotion back on my cruise since it ended last night (reason I booked). Only thing she could do was place a note on my account to not cancel and hope the payment team didn't cancel due to deposit not fully paid. Then she wanted to know when I was sending the 250. I'm like when final payment is due. That one question sealed the deal of not keeping this reservation. The entire phone call was about that issue so why ask when it's the reason I called in the first place.


    This whole CS experience left a really bitter taste in my mouth. I told her that I was a long time cruiser on another line but we wanted to give RCL a try. This was not a good first impression. We decided to just cancel the cruise instead of dealing with the hassle. If this was the level of customer service we received on the phone, hate to see what we get on the ship.

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