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  1. I don't know about ya'll, but when I go to the theater I like a full on stage production with dancing and dramatic set pieces. I don't just want to be wowed by a giant led screen and people dangling from the ceiling. I hope this theater has thrills to match it's over the top looks. ;):o:confused::(

  2. Hi ButterflyGA!


    I was on the same cruise as you, and I would agree with your review. I'm not a buffet person either, and wasn't really pleased with the service or condition of the Windjammer. Management had to run announcements to get people to leave when they were done so there was room for new guests. The food offered at lunch was the exact same everyday. The salad bar offerings were sad.


    My stateroom was fine (balcony, deck 7) but even with the remodel, the rooms and bathrooms look tired and outdated. I know the ship is 17 years old, and I won't sail on a Voyager Class vessel again because of that.


    Have you ever tried Celebrity ButterflyGA? I sailed Celebrity Silhouette in 2015 and really liked it. I found myself compared Adventure to my Silhouette cruise, and I decided that for the money spent on this Adventure cruise (almost $4,000.00) I should have just booked a Celebrity cruise. The food and service is much better on Celebrity. Like I said before, I'm not a buffet person either, but the Oceanview Buffet on Celebrity is great! The weather was crummy during our cruise, but we made the most of it!

  3. I have sailed Explorer (twice) and Celebrity Silhouette. These two brands and ships are completely different. Royal Caribbean is more family oriented and their ships are brassy, glassy, big, bold, and beautiful. Celebrity is all about Modern Luxury. As you know, their ships are modern and sophisticated and tend to be on the quieter side. You really can't compare the two as they are different classes.


    But, I will say don't shy away from an Oasis Class ship. They are amazing with loads of options for children! Even though the ship is huge with lots of passengers, it is so well laid out you never get lost or notice the amount of people onboard. If your kids will be happy with water slides and a rock wall, then Adventure will work for you. :D

  4. Unfortunately no dining venue onboard can accommodate all guests at once. My first night on Silhouette I too had to wait, and was given a pager. But after that my wife and I adjusted our timing and went to the show first and then to dinner, which was after the dinner rush. We were happy with Aqua Class and the Blu dining experience and can't wait to sail Celebrity's Aqua Class again!

  5. C Dog & LadyLaker,


    Thanks for your review. I'm sorry you had a mishap with a prohibited item search. This shouldn't happen and obviously Royal Caribbean needs some quality improvement in this area. A mistake like this can often be a slap in the face and make a bad impression on the first day of a cruise for a new customer.


    You both are obviously well traveled and know how to shrug off a non-issue and not let it ruin your well deserved vacation. On behalf of all of us, welcome to Royal Caribbean. We're glad you'll be sailing again. Oasis of the Seas is a magnificent ship. Enjoy!

  6. Cycoguy: Choose wisely. The companies and ships you've listed are all very different and each company has it's own vision of what a cruise vacation should be. While one experience might fit for one group, it could be a nightmare for another. My opinion: An Oasis Class ship will create a great first cruise experience, but it will set the bar high as the ships are full of bells and whistles.

  7. Good afternoon.... I am on the AOS and was wondering if I can answer anyone's questions about the ship. Am in Curacao as we speak. Appears only the front half of the ship was refurbished with new cabins... The aft section is same with no changes. Izumi is here and looks nice. Was kind of surprised that lifeguards are on the ships now. Boarding was quick and easy. Oh you can buy surf internet on ship cheaper. You should download WhatsApp before the trip or Google Hangouts before boarding and text to others that way.

    Let the questions begin...


    So do you have a stateroom in the rear of ship that was not refurbished? What is your stateroom number?

  8. Same happened to me. My first Celebrity cruise was after cruising on Hal, Carnival, Disney, and Princess.... After that, Celebrity is my preferred line.


    The smoke free environment is another Huge plus for me.


    Yes! The Smoke free ship was a huge plus for me!

  9. A Celebrity Cruise is a departure from the ordinary. Expect superb service and a sophisticated cruise experience from a brand that describes itself as "modern luxury". I took my first Celebrity Cruise onboard Celebrity Silhouette in 2015 and my cruising world changed forever. I cannot wait to book my next Celebrity Cruise!

  10. I checked out the alcoves while hanging out on the lawn and found that basically you were "on display" to everyone else out on the lawn, which was a turn off for me. Also, depending on when you book your alcove, it could be raining, super windy, or super hot. Not exactly how I want to spend an afternoon throwing away $149.

  11. I received a call from Blu (a message left on the phone) saying my first nights suggested arrival time was 6:00pm. We ended up going at 7:00pm, and had to wait 15 minutes. We decided each night to go to the show and then to dinner at Blu around 8:15pm. By then, Blu was mostly empty, and it was a better dining time for us.

  12. Just off the Equinox yesterday and noticed a few more cut-backs. I'm. Not sure if these are fleet wide or just on the Equinox.


    We were in AQ and this time didn't recieve the leather like card holder.


    I sailed on Silhouette in Aqua Class in 2015 and did not receive a card holder. I don't even know what that is.

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