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  1. Yeah, we're early-on in the "wine snob" process, and while we're well on our way to becoming full-blown wine-o-philes, we still like to enjoy it both on its own and with other things, cheeses especially, just to see how it "tastes" with "other stuff" as well as how the wine is on its own. We're learning. Heh.


    That's why we thought maybe we'd have it with a nice dinner.


    But on its own is sounding better and better all the time. Good call with the salad bar, I guess. Can't you see me putting little chunks of cheese on a plate and running it back down to the room?


    Now THAT'S elegant!

  2. Well if they didn't bring nuthin' to share why should you. On the other hand if they show up at the table with a bottle of Chateau Montre-Chez ...


    You see, there's always some kind of "wiggle room."


    Now hubby insists that we will indeed enjoy the cab in the room, and has set me out to find whether or not room service would deliver a plate of various cheeses and some crackers to enjoy it with.


    Alas, I think they will not.


    I'm gonna need a cheese plate to my stateroom, stat. Any thoughts?

  3. GC, you make a great point and that was something I was **really** worried about, though I didn't directly reference it. I don't want to be tacky.


    I'd rather spend $40 on a bottle of wine in the supper club than show up lookin' like okie rednecks with their weenie little bottle of wine.


    Now, then -- do you have a wine list for the supper club? I need to know what to budget.


    And I'll just tell my tablemates no, they cannot have any of my deeeeeeelicious 5-year old cab.


    Neener, neener.

  4. I mean, we are wine PEOPLE, we really enjoy a nice glass of wine esp. with a nice meal. I might worry I'd be skimping myself out on a nice bottle of wine with dinner in the supper club recommended by the sommalier if we take our own, I just don't know.


    I hear so often about people not getting charged the corkage in the dining room. I wonder if, because the supper club (at least on the Conquest, from what I have heard) takes pride in its wine selection, that they WOULD charge us the corkage fee.


    We had considered enjoying it in our room, and still might do that, or out on the deck or something.


    Any other opinions? Thank you so much!

  5. Yes, yes, I know that the question might also be "why would you WANT TO DO THAT," but it's a legitimate question.


    The last time my husband was TDY to Ecuador, he brought back a 5-year-old Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon that he had a chance to try while he was there, and we are holding it for the cruise. I understand that, or have at least read here that, many times when people take a bottle of wine to the dining room they end up sharing it with their tablemates.


    I am too selfish for that, and don't want to do that, so I was thinking if we had an intimate table for ourselves in the supper club perhaps that would be a good place to enjoy this wine.


    I don't know, can anyone give me feedback? Do you take your own wine to the dining room, and if you do, do you feel obligated to share it with anyone else?


    I appreciate anyone's stories or feedback, thanks!

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