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  1. Hi,


    So I'm looking at speciality dining options and can see two which may be of interest but none completely fit what I'm looking for so I'm hoping some can help guide us.


    For the trio option (Butchers Cut, Asian & Ocean Cay) could we substitute out Ocean Cay in place of one of the others? It doesn't fully appeal to me having looked at menus. Also on the Asian trio - is it possible to do the Teppanaki or Asian restaurant twice in place of sushi?


    Is there a kids menu for the specialty restaurants? My older kid would definitely eat at Butchers Cut and the Teppanaki but the younger may not find anything that appeals if they dine from the adult menu.


    Is the La Bonhome restaurant included in the speciality options? I haven't read much on it.


    Thanks for reading, hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this for me.


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    We switched out the Asian market for the French no problem in the regular trio. We were told you can repeat restaurants but we did not. We ate at butchers cut, ocean cay, and bistrot la boheme, as the Asian market kitchen didn't appeal to us

    . Teppanyaki is not included in the regular trio we were told

    Not sure about kids menu


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  2. On a Not To Be Named site, a person wrote that the Streamer package was $67 on board versus the $79 online rate. I was getting the Surfer Cruise Plus package on line at $44.90 pre-booked. Can anyone who has bought either package on board confirm the lower price? I know it will probably change week-to-week, like everything else has, but if I can save a few pennys I can try and get a stick of butter past security.

    I can confirm that the onboard price for the 4 device streamer package is $79.90. It's the one I bought. Don't know about the others


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  3. OOoo!! Will you please take a picture of the News Cafe menu, specifically the Key Lime Pie Martini? I've been trying to replicate it for the last two days with no success! I thought I could google the recipe so I didn't take a picture myself or ask the bartender for the recipe, but nothing online is quite like what they serve on Seaside! As much fun as the trial process has been to figure it out, it would be amazing if you could post a picture of the ingredients list to see if I'm even on the right track. Also, (if you feel so inclined) ashley@cruisecritic started a thread with bar menu pictures but the News Cafe is missing along with a few others she mentioned she missed if you wanted to add to her very helpful collection. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2573427

    You would be my hero!

    It's called the Seaview lounge now. It's pretty dark in there now. If you don't get an answer I'll try to get a picture tomorrow morning


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  4. We are booked for a November sailing and have no info about the casino on Seaside. Can anyone comment on whether VP is available. If so, any at the 25c level?

    There are 6 mutli game machines in the smoking area. Choice of denomination 25c, 50c, and $1.00 for each of the 6 different poker games, 1 keno at 25c , and one blackjack at $1.00


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  5. I am sitting on the seaside right now and it is definitely the larger buffet on deck 8 that is closed for buffet dining and converted to mdr


    . Also, we had an inside bella comped from resorts Atlantic city and upgraded to ocean view bella. We could have also upgraded to balcony but our bella experience was not upgradable. Was not going to turn down a free cruise just to upgrade the bella


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  6. The headline message is good news. But the link gjves "Page not found" on my Firefox browser. Grrr.


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    I've been having this problem with cruise critic links. If you look at the last character in the address bar there is a quotation mark. Cruise critic links add this for some reason. Just delete the quotation mark and hit enter. I'm on Android using Chrome. Hope that works for you


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  7. I'll be in Naples Friday for a port stop on Harmony. We're going to Capri and we'll only have about 3 hours to explore Naples afterwards to get back to the ship by 19:00. (All aboard is 19:30 according to current compass)


    I know it's not much time. I would like to walk from Molo Beverello to San Gregorio Armeno, and head back on Via Toledo. Would love to find a great pizzeria along the way. (VPN if possible, never been to one). Also a stop at Cappella Sansevero if time permits.


    Can I do this in 3 to 3.5 hours? I've looked at Google maps but street view frustrates me. Other than via Toledo I would like to ask if there are streets I should focus on walking that are more pedestrian friendly and interesting with shops to browse in.


    Thank you


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  8. Is there a reason you're not taking the 7-7:30 train from Civi to Termini? It takes about 1:20 and you are there well before 10:30.


    There's two ships that morning, over 10,000 people. The current compass shows gangway open at 7:30 so I would not make those earlier trains. Saw a few posts here that suggested it can get crazy waiting for the port shuttle then bus to train station, while handling luggage. Just wanted to make it easier.

  9. Thanks. I had asked them that at booking and they told me 90 minutes pending traffic plus 20 minutes to get to platform.

    Was kind of looking for a second opinion but I agree they would know best. The 10:50 adds an hour to their estimate so I think I'll go with that. I'll have time to grab a snack for the ride.

    Appreciate the help

  10. I disembark Harmony on October 20th. I have Rome Cabs picking me up at 8:00 and bringing me to termini for my train to Venice. I'll take a chance on super economy tickets. I realize ship being late, traffic, etc. can all render my tickets useless but if I get it right its a nice savings.


    I'm looking at the 10:50 . Would you be comfortable with this timing? The one earlier is 10:35 and the next later one is 11:35


    Thank you

  11. We love the Cinqueterre, unfortunately it is now a well know jewel of Italy.

    Tourist flock there and has become intolerable between the months of May and September. The trains are overcrowded, almost as bad an the Indian network. The ferries have a tendency to be cancelled even with the slightest sea swell so transport in the area can become a nightmare especially if you have a tight schedule.


    The first thing I would do is check on the number/size of cruise ships in La Spezia and Livorno which will be a good indicator on the tourist density that day. If you are the only ship then I would take a chance and plan on the trains and ferries otherwise I choose private transport.

    Go to Manarola for a few hours then onto Monterosso ideally by ferry, don't stop at Vernazzia as it all be too time consuming. On your return a car/tourist van journey on the high road back from Monterosso to La Spezia is very scenic and will cap off your day.

    For the best info on the are check out - http://www.cinqueterreinsider.com


    I'll be on Harmony and was thinking Cinque terre also. It seems it will be the only ship at the time I'm there. How do you think the crowds will be if I head to the train right away. I was thinking maybe hang on the ship a little to give the crowds a chance to dissipate. Thanks

  12. I plan on doing as Cornishpastyman1 did. Take the ferry first from La Spezia to Monterosso than work my way back by train. If the ferries aren't running in the morning I'll take the train first and get a second shot at the ferry on the way back.


    Here is the schedule from October 2014. From what I've read they run fairly consistent year to year.




    This is the website I got the link from


  13. Royal Caribbean is tacking on free Voom internet for two guests on top of its popular BOGO Plus deal that is currently available.


    Guests staying in an ocean view, balcony or suite stateroom will receive Voom unlimited internet package for two devices. A two-device Voom package would ordinarily cost $22.50 per day for the duration of the cruise.


    The Harmony of the Seas cruise must be booked between August 17 and October 11, 2015.


    Offer applies to all Harmony of the Seas sailings departing between May 29 - Oct 16, 2016.


    Offer includes one Voom internet package for two devices. Offer applies to ocean view, balcony, and suite staterooms. Voom unlimited internet package applicable to guest 1 and guest 2.


    Offer does not apply to third and higher occupancy guests.


    Offer available to residents of United States and Canada.


    Thanks, I did eventually see this on a TA site but not on Royal's site.


    I was wondering if I have to enter a promo code to get this to show on the booking.


    I was also curious why ocean views cost more than balconies, even when that sailing doesn't qualify for the stateroom upgrade promo. I am in an inside now so not sure if I will upgrade to balcony just for the free internet.



  14. I am currently booked on the Harmony for next October.


    I see on the website today there is an offer of free voom on the Harmony but I can't find the terms and conditions for that offer. I only see the T and C for the bogo and room upgrade.


    I am considering a rebook. I tried a mock booking but only saw the current obc offer under the summary. I did not go past the enter name page.


    Any info?


  15. I booked it through Chilkoot and had a blast.


    I just did this on Friday the 12th with a 7:20 am meet time. My ship (Norwegian Sun) docked 7:00 am and I had no problem getting off to meet the Chilkoot driver in time. Just make sure you get in line early to disembark. It was a great trip.

  16. In Juneau did Harv and Marv on June 11th. The humpbacks were being very shy and hardly saw them, just a few times aching their backs out of the water and some blows, but got to follow around a few orcas for a while which was cool. This is of course no reflection on Harv and Marvs. Liz was great trying to keep up with the orcas.


    In Seward on the 15th did the 4.5 tour with kenai fjords tours and saw much more. A half dozen backs arching with one nice tail out of the water, along with puffins, sea otters, and lots of sea lions. Both tour operators were great and would recommend both

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