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  1. I was intending to have an early night tonight but couldn't stop reading your review, even though I live in England! It was excellent - so well written, informative and entertaining. Two little things stuck in my mind though as a Brit - one that although I was in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh last year I don't really remember anything spectacular about it and two - of course we have loads of different salad dressings!! I loved the Titanic stuff (I am a descendant of one of the crew) and must now organise a trip to Belfast. Thanks again!

  2. I just spent the weekend in Liverpool (not on a cruise) and was very impressed with the city - there's loads to do. I particularly recommend the 'White Feather' exhibition at the Pier Head which is all about John Lennon from Cynthia and Julian's points of view and very moving. It's only there for a few months so I was glad to catch it. I would also like to have seen the special exhibition about the moon landings ('One Small Step' I think it was called) but there wasn't time. I will definitely return to the city for a longer time but I'm sure it would be a great cruise stop.

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