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  1. Too funny, the poor old captain may be a little tired the next day.
  2. When we did the repo on Rhapsody we were on board by 11.30am. We sailed at 11.59pm.
  3. The good thing about packing cubes is transferring them from suitcase to drawers. Unzip and this to go.
  4. OK have endlessly read about chair hogs....question please how bad is this from Singapore?
  5. Have used packing cubes for years. Just a word of warning....we have Kathmandu cubes, a bit pricey but bought on sale. We also bought kmart ones which were well priced but had to get rid of them because of the smell. Hard to explain but they smelt awful. Not sure about big w. Good luck.
  6. Love them...got ours from Katmandu many years ago. Pricier than elsewhere but no one else sold them them. Once you work out your packing system they are great.
  7. Yes it was on the cruise planner. Have booked for 6 of us and have informed them all of cancellation policy. Not happy considering most of us will be Aussies & Kiwis.
  8. We are sailing from Singapore to Sydney . I think its $25. Maybe because they were charging the Asian passengers on their cruises .
  9. Just a heads up to those booking this....there is a cancellation for no shows. We are cruising ex Singapore next month.
  10. You need to book every night separately. Very frustrating took me days to book for 6 of us, I had trouble adding more than 4 at times. It is a complicated system. Good luck.
  11. Hello all....I read somewhere that bumper cars are open on embarkation day. Can anyone tell me if this is so. Also how often and for how long are they open during the cruise. Is there an age limit? Thanks all.
  12. Having been on those long haul flights many times from Oz I would also agree with the extra day. Its a long way and jet lag may be a problem. Best to be nice and rested for embarkation.
  13. Thanks, trying to avoid the chaos of the "pigpen" as we call it. Will head to Cafe 270.
  14. Hello knowledge bank.:..apart from Windjammer where can we have lunch on embarkation day? Thanks in advance .
  15. Its worth joining roll call as someone usually posts when bookings are open. As previously .mentioned. it can be any time and not everything is available at the same time.
  16. I also got the same email. I think it's a better idea just to keep checking cruise planner regularly. I purchased deluxe package for $67.50, had seen it up to $81, also purchased refreshment package for around $28. The emails sometimes misrepresent the truth.
  17. Keep checking every day, also check your roll call. I booked North Star yesterday for October 19 cruise. Just waiting for I fly.
  18. Well done. I made the phone call recently, had to tell them I had purchased the refreshment package, hubby doesn't drink alcohol, I wanted to buy ultimate beverage package, listened to the rules and conditions., she wasn't going to let me......asked to be transferred to C&A. That was the trigger...of course I was able to buy just for me. I think it pays to be honest.
  19. We're on the same cruise. All I could book was Pixels. From what I read you need to book North Star and I fly when you get on board. Not long to go now. We have a week in Singapore pre cruise, can't wait.
  20. Point taken, trying to avoid the phone call but it's inevitable. Have to agree with website pain issues...Have decided to give MSC.a go next year. At least they have status match with other cruise lines.
  21. My head is spinning....what am I doing wrong? I've searched and searched but can't find any way to cancel cruise which I booked online. Help please, I'm sure it's simple but my senior brain is not coping. Thanks in advance.
  22. It's showing on my cruise planner for ovation of the seas for October.
  23. Thanks you are so right. I should have read the fine print. Not a great gift after all.
  24. This may be old news but browsing through Royal Carribean cruise planner I noticed alcohol packages. You ca buy a bottle of scotch, vodka, gin, etc which comes with several cans for mixing. For those who only want an occassional drink this might be useful but not particulalry cheap. Cheers
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