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  1. No worries, Bill. Happy to pitch in, and in the future, I'll try to be a bit less lazy about sending you a report. Keep up the good work!
  2. While I'm sure I'll miss the M&M gatherings, it only makes sense to put them on the shelf for the time being. Small DIY get togethers such as Bill described are always a possibility until the current health crisis has been abated, and I would certainly support such an effort.
  3. My wife and I are booked on the Papeete to Auckland segment. Looking forward to meeting others on this cruise (it'll be our 13th Regent cruise, assuming others in the queue aren't canceled). Don't forget the Meet & Mingle! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Can we all just get back to this forum's topic? You remember, 2020 cruises with Regent?
  5. Try crossing your toes instead. I hear it has the same effect.
  6. I think you may be onto something, Travelcat2. Waitlisting on ships that are at reduced capacity makes sense.
  7. Travelcat2, are you suggesting that any passenger who cancels a prebooked excursion be issued a credit for the tour? Or are you referring only to Regent Choice (extra fee) excursions?
  8. I'll only speak for myself, but one of the reasons my wife and I prefer Regent is the all inclusive nature of their offerings, including many wonderful shore excursions. And for the record, sailing with Regent does not imply every passenger has the wherewithal, or even the desire, to opt for private excursions.
  9. Marc, whether or not you "hate those masks" is not the issue. I think most of us would prefer not to have to wear them. But the fact is, they save lives. And let me stress, that's not simply my opinion; it's a documented scientific fact. So, wearing them on tour busses is not at all "silly", particularly since social distancing is virtually impossible in that situation. I suspect you might feel differently if a non-mask wearing, asymptomatic seatmate infected you with Covid-19 while on tour.
  10. I agree, as usual, with what Travelcat2 has posted. I particularly support her notion of following established guidelines regarding masks. If someone is not willing to wear a mask onboard, when required, they should be subject to being disembarked at the next port of call. I've personally witnessed passengers put off the ship for excessive drunkenness and for flagrant disregard of smoking policies, neither of which are truly life threatening. We all have a choice; either follow the rules (which are for everyone's benefit) or stay home.
  11. Another consideration might be whether recently reopened ports would tend to favor smaller ships with fewer passengers. If so, this could bode well for Navigator. As for the overcrowding issue, we still haven't heard whether Regent will reduce capacity, as recommended by CDC. In addition, Navigator's initial resumption of operations is scheduled for the Caribbean, where inclement weather seems less likely (hurricane season not withstanding). Gee, can you tell I'm hoping Navigator sails on October 30th?
  12. And in like fashion, I have to agree with everything you said, Travelcat2. I'll take whatever reasonable precautions might be available to me, but like many, I'm not about to live out my golden years in a cocoon. Further, I believe cruise ships in general (and Regent's fleet in particular), are and will continue to be among the most sanitary places out there.
  13. Our TA just managed to get the $1,000 OBC applied on two cruises we have booked in 2021 and another one in 2022. You just can't beat a good TA!
  14. While it may not have been specified in the recently released protocols, the required use of face masks in public areas seems likely, given the current circumstances. It pretty much goes hand in hand with social distancing, which was clearly noted in the protocols.
  15. It appears Regent is now in compliance with CDC's requirement for establishing protocols in order to resume cruising, once the restrictions are lifted. This is a positive and highly proactive step on Regent's part. And it comes as no surprise.
  16. Bermuda, eastern Caribbean and southern Caribbean, primarily. Cuba was on the original itinerary, but that's now off limits (once again). At least I made it to Cuba a couple of times, when it was permissible. BTW, this will be on Navigator.
  17. I have a short flight (Boston to NYC) at the end of October and a slightly longer one a couple of weeks later (Miami to Boston). Regent has issued the flight details, so I assume we're good to go. Of course, many things could potentially change all that between now and departure day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  18. 20-30 ft? Yes, that is ridiculous, particularly given the source (...heard about some study that claimed...). Widely accepted science seems to have settled on 6 ft. distancing. And while the Covid-19 threat remains an evolving threat, until that consensus changes, I'm going with the current scientific assessment, rather than allow unsupported rumors to be my guide.
  19. Thanks for your thoughts, Travelcat2. I wasn't trying to intentionally get political, and to all who may have seen my comments in that light, I sincerely apologize. There's really no room for politics on this forum.
  20. To be clear, cruise luv, we're being advised to wear masks not to protect ourselves, but to protect others from ourselves. In addition to the practical aspect of this, it's a show of respect for those around us. And if you think masks are uncomfortable, try being intubated.
  21. Travelcat2 is correct. Frank Del Rio is CEO of NCLH, the parent company of Norwegian, Oceania and Regent cruise lines. The CEO of Regent is Jason Montague.
  22. It hasn't yet hit my account, but the additional perk was announced in a broadcast email from Jason Montague (Regent CEO) a couple of weeks ago. And yes, every night counts.
  23. FWIW, I just received an email from Regent highlighting itineraries on Navigator beginning September 26, 2020, essentially shuttling between Montreal and New York, through October 30th. My wife and I are booked on Navigator on October 30th, sailing from New York to Miami. This gives me hope that we might to be able to take this long awaited cruise. Fingers crossed!
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