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  1. Generally speaking, I like to give credit to Regent for going above and beyond when it comes to taking good care of their guests. I could list many instances where this has been borne out, not only from personal experience, but anecdotally, from others, as well. Given the extraordinary pressure, financial and otherwise, Regent is under, I'm willing to cut them a little slack. I'm currently waiting for a refund for an early April cruise to appear on my credit card, but to their credit, most of the FCC I requested for a canceled June cruise has already been applied toward a January 2022 saili
  2. Before you cancel, you might have your TA step in on your behalf. Regent made clear that it could take up to 90 days to process a refund, but sometimes a good TA can work wonders.
  3. There may also be a requirement for local officials to "clear" the vessel. Also, I'm not sure most passengers would understand why the ship would arrive at a port, yet not allow them to disembark.
  4. As far as I know, the requirement is that the ship call on a non-US port. I don't believe you would be forced to get off the ship, if you chose not to.
  5. An "all US" cruise is simply not possible, as all ships sailing under a foreign flag (virtually all cruise ships) must include at least one foreign port in their itinerary, by law.
  6. That is my understanding, as well. I should have indicated that in my response.
  7. An additional benefit we received following the cancellation (by Regent) of a June cruise on Navigator was a Seven Seas Society credit for the 15 nights we would have accumulated had the cruise not been canceled. Very classy on Regent's part, I believe.
  8. We’re on Navigator in early June ("Icelandic Crossing") and again at the end of October (Eastern Caribbean), so we'll experience the "before & after", so to speak. These will be our first Navigator sailings, though by then, we'll have around eight Regent cruises under our belts. LOVE REGENT!
  9. As you've missed the cut off date for signing up for the Meet & Mingle, go to the Reception Desk on Deck 5 once onboard and ask if you could still be included. There's no guarantee, but I know others have done so in the past. Good luck.
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