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  1. Bring a can of Pringles and some candy if you like. I've seen Pringles priced at $10 before and I'm sure people pay it because they just want some damn chips.


    That made me LOL!! BECAUSE....I have gotten off the ship and went directly to a gas station and picked up chips!! haha Weird how I missed them of all things!! And I don't even eat chips on a daily basis on land!!

  2. Be prepared to be ridiculed and insulted by his merry band of Kool Aid drinking minions that live their lives on his FB page. They're a pathetic bunch.


    Wow......That's something that may be true too if you held a mirror up here on cruisecritic. But that's none of my business.....


    **I don't happen to live my life on FB, but do follow his posts. I also don't live my life on cruisecritic. Both sites are full of judgemental, whiney, entitled people. However, BOTH places are also full of fun, nice, welcoming people. Let's not cast stones....or be jerks to one another. Someone asks a question, answer it without being rude.

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  3. When we have purchased alcohol at some of the ports, the store has actually sent it to the ship for us (always made it). Last cruise, we carried it on and checked it. The little souvenirs, including the vanilla came back to the cabin with us.

    I will also be Christmas shopping!!!

  4. And how much time do you spend chasing the best deal? As you said, you grab the price that works for you.


    Time=money. Sadly, few people realize that.


    Three minute phone call while waiting for something on the grill. No time at all. It's already booked, I have a booking number, agent looks it up. And that's all. I think I can spare 3 mins whenever it crosses my mind. Some people spend more time than that at a traffic light.

  5. In a short answer: There is no time of day or hour. If you like the price, then pay it. Stop chasing prices.


    I think that everyone wants the best deal that is available.


    I just grab the price that works for me and then when I think of it, call the CCL number, have the agents there check for any deals for me, see if the price has changed. If it has, great....if it hasn't, that's fine too.

  6. I have read somewhere that there are a whole bunch of different things available for the asking on board - Could someone give me some tips?! I know that you can get playing cards up at the Pursurs Desk...What else?! I love little freebies!!

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