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  1. In case this has not been mentioned... on our recent Spirit cruise my mom who had a wheelchair did not have to attend. The room steward told my dad to go for the both of them. I was surprised at that.


    As for me, I do everything I'm told and havent' missed a drill. :p [just don't ask DH if this is true!.]

  2. Sorry for the long wait, all. We had a bunch of errands to run on Saturday and I was up in Wisconsin for most of yesterday and I just didn't have the time to sit down and write.


    Someone left a comment on the blog wondering why I don't put up pics of grandma, and I thought maybe some other people were wondering, too, so I thought I'd answer. Grandma doesn't really understand the concept of the internet and because of that, I don't feel comfortable putting up her pictures because she can't really give her consent because she doesn't understand the vastness of the internet, if that makes any sense. Mom and Stephanie know that when I take pictures of them, potentially hundreds and thousands of people could see them, but grandma doesn't really get that, so I don't put her pictures up. But if you want to know what she looks like, I'm told I look a lot like her ;)



    I wondered as well but I thought it may be rude to ask. :p You answered this perfectly. Grandma should be proud to have such a mature and considerate grandaughter.

  3. Nicole: I LOVE your reviews, I LOVED the Miracle, and I LOVE that you are taking so many photos and providing so many details. You are including so much information that I like to research before I cruise - you are a veritable cruise "hostess"! Thanks for the extensive photos and comments on the food because, to be honest, that is one of my favorite parts of cruising! Ahhh... it brings back so many good memories of breakfast danishes early in the morning to ice-cream and pizza late at night...


    You make a fantastic travel writer! Your review makes me want to take my next cruise out of NYC and enjoy the city for a few days pre-cruise like you and your family did.


    Can't wait for your next installment.

  4. Back on board we got involved in many activities and were on the travel log DVD quite a bit so of course we had to purchase it. If you decide to buy it wait until almost the last day they get marked down $5.


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I waited too long to buy the DVD as it was sold out on the last morning. :(

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