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  1. FYI

    there is a hotel near the port of san antonio (1 mile from the port)
    It's called Enjoy San Antonio.

    As tourism, you can visit the house of Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize for Literature) on Isla Negra.

    Applications like Uber and Cabify also work.

    Good luck on your cruise

    Patricio from chile

  2. From the airport (SCL) there is a direct bus to the passenger terminal (turbus $5usd aprox) where you can take another one to San Antonio for around 5 bucks


    an uber from the airport to san antonio USD(100-150) aprox no more than that and take 1:30 hr of trip


    in san antonio I recommend you to book a room in the http://www.hotelcasinodelpacifico.cl/ it is the closest to the port where you can be


    Santiago is one of the safest cities but of course, as in all airports, never taking a taxi is better an uber ;)


    Be careful with your things and you can always go to a police for any questions or doubts.

    the emergency number there is 133,

    Many Chileans speak English so you can always ask what you need


    just a few tips

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