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  1. Hi! We will be in Barbados (for the first time) on our 20th wedding anniversary in October! Trying to decide if we should book a catamaran Calabaza tour or just spend the day on the beach at the Boatyard? Have seen great reviews on both and I’m conflicted! Thinking we will do a catamaran snorkeling tour in St Lucia also on this trip, so another reason I’m conflicted! Does anyone have a preference for snorkeling in Barbados vs St Lucia??

    Thanks so very much!!

  2. Can you tell me if you rented the cars ahead of time or there in port?


    We came off the ship this morning.


    We had a great time.


    ST. Thomas - rented a Jeep and went to Megan's and Lindquist then drove down through Red Hook back to the port.


    Dominica - Bumping Tours with Levi. He was amazing. He snorkeled with us and swam in the gorge with us. Super nice guy and very knowledgeable about fruit trees. Bring snacks 😁 even though they say you can't take it off the ship.


    Barbados - Calabaza was excellent and OMG the clarity of the water was incredible. Group tour.


    St. Lucia - Spencer Ambrose Land, Sea, Beach tour was good as well. Group tour.


    St. Kitts - rented an ATV from Sunny Blue drove around the island then to Timothy Hill and Cockleshell / Reggae Beach.


    St. Maarten - rented a car drove to Orient Beach then through the French side to Maho and then Mullet Bay.


    We were exhausted every night so we didn't go to any of the shows or clubs. Several people we spoke with really enjoyed the entertainment.


    Rooms were clean and the food was good.


    We are pretty easy going and are very happy we took this cruise.


    We met some really nice people 😍

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