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  1. 20 hours ago, Leejnd4 said:

    Someone's positive and optimistic nature does not mean they are a "cheerleader". I think we all know that word has pretty negative connotations here on CC.

    sorry, I had no idea that the term is considered offensive. I thought cruisers were proud to support their favorite cruiseline


    20 hours ago, Leejnd4 said:

    Point being, you really can just toss out any concerns you have over being "snubbed" onboard due to what happens in here. This is the internet. People often behave very differently from behind their keyboard than they do in person.

    yours was a very disturbing story but good that you had an enjoyable experience on board

    I worried that Crystal cruisers might only welcome sycophants or those with nothing negative to say about this cruiseline with a very troubled history


    18 hours ago, Mr Luxury said:

    The Internet's a funny place.

    People get so touchy don't they 😀

    very true

    touchy and needlessly defensive

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  2. good to hear about expedition ships - the only thing that ever made me think about crystal


    22 hours ago, Mr Luxury said:

    I like to read all posts on a board good or bad rather than trying to be the moderator.

    I seek views from all on cc not just cheerleaders and influencers

    shame that some take negatives about their favorite cruiseline to be a personal attack 


    as an 'outsider' I worry that on board I would be snubbed by the crystal clique (old or new)

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  3. sorry you had bad experiences

    problems seem to come down to no planning for early flight arrival, bad wifi, uncomfortable furniture and food & tours you did not like


    23 hours ago, makai 7 said:

    Please do not berate me for not raising issues with the executive concierge, restaurant manager, etc. 

    sorry I do not understand why you did not

    you had opportunity to raise issues at the time and even to speak with a good gm, the president & another director

    why wait till after the cruise and then spill out your misery on social media


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  4. 2 hours ago, pappy1022 said:

    So, the Regent definition of unlimited is much different than the Webster definition of unlimited. 

    is your argument that regent should add many more excursions in every port visited or that the ships should not visit ports where the infrastructure cannot support many tours or that regent should choose another word instead of unlimited or do you simply like complaining

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  5. 13 hours ago, Jinn said:

    I don't know if anyone has asked this or is interested but my next 2 Crystal cruises are a b2b and a b2b2b.  I hoped that I could apply 5 credits because really 5 cruises, but no, just 2 credits.  They are treated as 2 cruises.  But some credit is better than none.  I didn't think I would see any of that money.  Julia

    make 2 bookings for the b2b & 3 for the b2b2b if credits exceed the b2b saving

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  6. 3 hours ago, pappy1022 said:

    Nothing changes as far as the base cruise cost. If anything the price has gone up.


    but the small print in the flyer in post#1 says

    *40% savings is off of the cruise-only fare portion of total fare, which excludes applicable air and Free hotel fare/credit. Guests will receive a cruise-only fare savings of up to 40% on select voyages when selecting Premium Economy Air promotion


  7. How are operating costs being reduced in order to service the enormous debt that NCLH holds? 

    How are increases in fuel and supply costs being handled?

    Are significant price increases, or cuts in customer service, to be expected?


    Given the parlous state of the cruise industry how does NCLH justify the enormous payouts being made to outgoing senior executives from NCLH, Regent and Oceania?

  8. 7 hours ago, Roland4 said:

    We have met former friends/staffers from Crystal on all three and they are happy and thriving.

    so why would they want to leave secure jobs to join a new unproven cruise line with 2 old ships 🤔


  9. 11 hours ago, Mr Luxury said:

    New Crystal hasn't sailed yet so care to detail is unknown.

    Crystal as it was is no longer in operation.

    Easily mixed up when new owners jump on the back of the old company.


    8 hours ago, Keith1010 said:

    It seems whenever someone say something nice about New Crystal you keep saying this.

    just a statement of fact



    5 hours ago, Mr Luxury said:

    I get the same old crew,same old ships,same old hotel directors

    why do they come back to work on old crystal ship? better pay? less work? more tips? better cabin? easier life?  or not good enough for other luxury ships?



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  10. polite suggestion why not replace cruise & maritime voyages roll calls (defunct for 3 years) with ambassador roll calls


    not right that new crystal (2 old ships not sailing) has roll calls board but not ambassador


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  11. 2 hours ago, SWFLAOK said:

    I'm seriously considering cancelling our 2024 cruise on Regent, and not booking anymore. You've done a really poor job of representing Regent to the rest of us. Regent has been our favorite cruise line since we started cruising back in 2017.

    so you will cancel your favorite cruise line on the basis of perceived slights on social media from others trying to help 🤔

    nose v face 


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  12. On 1/28/2023 at 5:01 PM, Dr. Cocktail said:

    Thank you for actually admitting to an issue!


    19 hours ago, Dr. Cocktail said:

    But on the positive side, look at all the IT people being employed!


    oh I get it ….... like humor …....... but different

    why be snarky to someone trying to help

  13. 14 hours ago, Tsunami74 said:

    I wish some one, our TA or cruise line, would have warned us to count blank pages. We know to have the 6 months post trip validity, but no one ever mentioned blank pages


    validity of passport & visas is your personal responsibility


    if you still have 3 blank pages then there should be no problem


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  14. 4 hours ago, Sunprince said:

    promoting your son who has no cruise industry experience is a bit of a bold and embarrassing move

    plenty experience - but competence?


    2 hours ago, Dr. Cocktail said:

    Putting in a numbers person may make them happy.

    the ousted regent man was a senior accountant 🤔


    2 hours ago, Dr. Cocktail said:

    think that NCLHI was under intense pressure to do, well, something

    so fdr culls 2 good execs to protect delrio dynasty

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