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  1. Obviously your rules depend on the nature of the teenager. My last 3 cruises have been with teens and each time they had there own room close to us. We buy the mark and wipe boards at the dollar store and post those on the doors to leave messages of where we are going, where to meet, etc and that has worked great. The last cruise 2 male teens shared a room and girls were leaving messages for them on where to meet! Another option would be 2 balcony cabins and open the balcony up. We just did that on Oasis and that was perfect, we had 3 adjoining balconies and all went back and forth and easily had access to the other rooms. We were pretty lenient on curfews, the ship sets those for you but we are blessed with trustworthy kids!

  2. We were at Labadee last week and loved it. We chose to sit on the beaches viewing the zip line hoping for fewer kids and were mostly successful. We had a great breeze, some sun and some shade. The other side of the island was packed and much hotter because there was no breeze when we walked around. Lots of kids there also, probably because the water is calmer. You do need water shoes, it is rocky. Lunch lines were very long so get there early or wait until you go back to the ship.

  3. I am the OP and wanted to update everyone, I got my room back! The email to the office of the President did it. Of course, he did not respond but someone else did. It took 3 weeks but she apologized and said it was a weird glitch in their system which should have alerted them that something was not right when the room was released. They did contact the new occupants of my room and they agreed to move. They probably got a big upgrade!! lol Still frustrating that the new occupants had to agree when I was never given an option but all's well that ends well! 44 Days and counting.......

  4. First of all, I agree it shouldn't have happened. But that said, you got an equivalent cabin, so why is it such a big deal? Was there some particular reason you needed to be right next door to your friends/family? Again, it shouldn't have happened, I'm just trying to figure out why it is so crucial to be right next door.


    Seriously? In the scheme of things and life this is not a big deal but if I pay money, make a reservation 16 months before the cruise I expect to get what I reserved. :confused:


    I have been very busy with work this week so this has had to take a backseat but since I have not received an email response I plan to make some phone calls. Any ideas where I would find a phone # other than the main line on the website?

  5. Many have asked how many my original cabin will hold. I believe the answer is 2 but am not 100% sure. It is 11325 on Oasis. However, I have not been given a reason why the change happened, my impression was it was unknown. ?? I noticed by chance that I was in 10325. While the other 2 cabins we booked were 11327 and 11323. I never received a change notice to my reservation. I noticed it by luck the other day and was told it happened on March 28, 2015. Like some of you we booked this cruise very early to get the location and side by side rooms. We booked directly with RC and no TA was involved. I have not had a response to my email sent about 24 hours ago yet but everyone that knows me and loves me :eek: know I don't easily let go of things! I will give them another day or 2 to respond and then start making phone calls. I'm not sure what a fair OBC is for something like this but $100 seems inadequate.


    I can only recommend if you reserve a specific cabin that you check often to confirm you still have it but if you lose it RC's response seems to be so sorry, so sad for you, oh well.

  6. We leave in June on the Oasis and booked our 3 rooms side by side in Feb 2014, Balcony Boardwalk. I was looking at my reservation today and realized my room # was not where it was supposed to be. I called RC, spent 30 minutes on hold and I was told that on March 28 through some unknown entity my room was released through the website and I was moved. Luckily I was able to get moved back to the same floor 2 rooms down but now someone has my room which was in the middle of the 3 we booked. I got an apology and OBC for $100 but I am very frustrated that this happened. Thank goodness I was checking my reservation! Has anyone had this happen before?

  7. Just a few quick points from our cruise this week:


    Easiest embarkation and debarkation ever!! On and off in less than 15 minutes each!


    Deck 7, mid ship location was awesome!! We took the elevator 2 times in 4 days! 2 decks up to the pool deck, 1 or 2 decks down to dining room and activities!


    Anytime dining: ask for Gerald and Mark, they were fantastic. We made reservations for them every night, never any waiting.


    Chops was excellent, service was excellent as well.


    Overall food was ok other than Chops. Nothing impressive but the creme brûlée in the dining room was the worst I have ever had. Pleasant meals but I don't cruise for the food and go with low expectations in this area. I'm pretty sure I still gained a few pounds;)


    Service was very good through the ship. Enzo, the cruise director, was really good and seems to enjoy his job. Love and Marriage show was hilarious thanks to Sal,one of the contestants.


    I would totally recommend this ship. The 4 night cruise was relaxing but offered plenty to do. The ship is in great shape, absolutely no complaints.

  8. Just back from the Enchantment and wanted to comment this was the easiest embarkation and debarkation ever. Family of 3 so we opted for a stay at the Hampton Inn, received the 40% port parking discount and parked at the port. By the time we paid for the extra person for the shuttle and tips for the driver we decided the $45 for 4 nights with easy on and off was worth it to us. Great decision for us. It literally took us 15 minutes max from our stateroom to the car. On the road home by 8:20.

  9. I can't decide and could use some help. I like the idea of my car being in a covered garage with quick/easy access on and off the cruise by parking at the terminal but I have been researching other options and can book a room at the Radisson with the parking for less than $100 if I understand correctly. That is a pretty big savings. However, I'm concerned about the security of the car and the cleanliness of the hotel. We are on a 4 night cruise in Sept. Any input is much appreciated!

  10. I am looking to book a very last minute cruise on one of these 2 ships. Both are within driving distance for me to Tampa or New Orleans. Similar itineraries and I know these are sister ships. There will be 3 of us including a 16 yr old. Any thoughts on these 2 ships? Should I book this weekend or keep watching to see if the rate goes any lower for Feb 17 sailing? Thanks!

  11. I just want to be sure I understand this whole toll stuff. We will be driving down next week from Atlanta, stopping for the night in Orlando. When I checked on the sunpass website I determined it was cheaper to just pay the tolls roundtrip. I have no idea what route we are taking from Orlando, just following the GPS! I do know we were on the turnpike on our last trip to Orlando which is tolls.


    So....what is the quickest route and how much should I expect in tolls? Thanks!

  12. POM Parking:

    I can't be bothered about getting a taxi and all that jazz. So I bit the bullet and used http://globalairportparking.com.

    To use it, enter travel dates, and the results appear with prices and a general idea of how far they are form POM. It seems totally random what they charge for each of their lots. No addresses are provided which is kind of stupid in this day and age. But... I will share my findings with you.


    Cheap Cruise Parking -Secure Self Port Parking

    1415 NE 2nd Ave

    Miami, FL 33132

    Phone: 305-220-2686


    5 days $34.75 + Fees = $41.25. It's not far from the port at all.


    Instead of hangin' w/the bums, paying $24.50 for 5 days at portofmiamicruiseparking.com plus $22.00 for to-fro cab rides, totaling $46.50, I chose the $41.25 for parking including the shuttle. Not bad. :D


    I want to thank all of you involved in this post because it really helped me choose.


    I'm leaving next week so I'll be posting how it went upon my return. Cheers. :cool:


    Please let us know what you thought about this place when you return. We leave on 2/18 and I want garage parking, this sounds good as long as it is safe!

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