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  1. 3 hours ago, tinkertwo said:

    What are the food options on the island that you have to pay for?  That seems odd that they would have an upcharge on dinning.  I want to be prepared though.   

    Currently only one place has pay food options, Captain Jack's. The pay options at Captain Jack's are wings, $7.95 for 10, and steak fries, $3 a basket, in addition to base price a VAT and gratuity need to be added. Will add the wings and fries are the only food options at Captain Jack's.


    But a quick walk from Captain Jack's is Skipper's Grill that has food at no additional cost.


    In this picture Skipper's Grill is on the left side and Captain Jack's is on the right.


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  2. 3 minutes ago, fungirl28 said:

    We are following his directions in the email he sent to us where he encouraged us to email him with any questions. I was not expecting an immediate response but I thought we would get a response by now. It has been 9 days.

    One thing that might not hurt is either sending the email again. Other thought might be doing a reply to your reply asking if any more information might be needed.

  3. 7 minutes ago, AshleyDillo said:

    I'll be on Symphony this Saturday, but I'm not the one handling the communication with the Genie so I can't give insight as to how well the communication has gone.

    Will say things have gone smooth with Genie communications. Some emails it has been a few hours while others maybe two days for a reply.

  4. Loved the review, the pictures were fantastic. One question to start: you did "WJ recon" practically every night, would you ever consider eating there for dinner most if not all of a week? We are a family of 5 with kids 12, 12 and 9 and I'm wondering if it just might be easier to go there whenever we like/are ready. If the food is good, selection big, and we can come and go as we please, that might work real well.


    Thank you!

    I would have no issue. At the same time I'm not that picky of a person with no special/complex dietary needs. Meat in various sauces didn't bug me.

    Only thing that might be lacking is the overall quality of desserts. Visually they were stunning, taste wise they didn't really "WOW" me. Now that didn't mean I overly sample them... One thing is they did have a nice ice cream bar setup.


    I think in the end I got dinner from WJ two nights. Did some sort snack plate for the night just about every night, mainly just cheese.


    My thought, setup a reservation for My Time Dining and stop by WJ early. If you like the WJ selection, cancel that nights My Time reservation.


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  5. Sorry for the delay, final comments for the last two days...




    Today's port of call was Cozumel. Our neighbor for the day was Liberty, other piers had ships from Carnival, MSC, and NCL. Total count in port was 7.


    Took a cab to the downtown and did some roaming around and do the tourist thing. Had lunch at Palmeras, not bad. Got the chicken fajitas, lime soup, and one liter of bottled water. Total wound up being 346 pesos, after credit card conversion rate total was $18.24 USD. If you let them do the conversion it would have been 17 pesos to the dollar. After lunch, went over to Coz Roasting Company and got a spiced iced coffee. Cost was 60 pesos, conversion rate posted was 16 pesos to the dollar. Gave them a $10 and got $6 back.


    Did some more window shopping, checked in why my Mexican government tax refund for a purchase back in December hadn't been processed in 45 days, told to wait another 50 days. Finally walked to where MSC and NCL were docked and took a cab back to the ship. Did a last bit of walking around before heading back to the ship.


    One fun bit if no one noticed it. Oasis was turned the other way. Most pictures you see has her pointed the other way.


    Did the normal nightly routine before the Quest. Then continued the nightly routine before calling it an early morning.





    Woke up to that bitter moment knowing this was the last day on board. Today was a jammed packed morning (that and it never helps the late wake up). Had the Oasis Thank You and Farewell Celebration on the boardwalk. After snagging a few things to take back headed off to lunch. Lunch was at Johnny Rockets, TA comp. Headed over to the Captain's Corner before heading back to the room for a nap. Two hours later headed for a few beverages at various bars (curse of wanting to give a few crew memebrs a final visit). Met some folks from eary in the cruise and gave them a suite tour. After that, did a quick WJ scout before dinner. Had a final dinner in CK, o e of my favorite menus. Tuna was done just the way I liked it. Also had to get the lamb shank.


    Back to the room to finish packing before heading off for some final beverages, have some Ben and Jerry's (TA perk), and take some pictures. Got the clue to leave the Champagne Bar when they started to wash everything down. Did notice the hot item at Sorrentos was a vegetarian calzone, not the meat one previously seen during the week.





    Woke up, final last bits of packing the small bag (charging cords and such). Had a quick bite for breakfast, stuff grabbed the previous morning. Headed down to the Champagne Bar for 8:30 for the escorted off. Personally, don't think it was needed. The timing was between groups and the lines heading off were very minimal. Only benifit was being able to take the escaltor vs ramp. Once in the luggage hall suite folks have a dedicated lane, plus it didn't look too bad in the normal line. Did a verbal declaration for customs and off to catch a shuttle/cab back to the hotel. Think from ship to hotel was maybe 30-45 minutes.


    Finally on the road heading home and starting the final countdown for January. Back to Oasis for the same exact route, Jr. Suite unless a last minute upgrade occurs.


    Any questions, I'll be more than happy to fill in the gaps.


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  6. I'm confused. Since we are too cheap to do a suite and don't have status for Coastal Kitchen, are the buffet pictures all WJ or does Coastal Kitchen have some buffet items (aka Solarium Café)?



    All the buffet pictures have been from WJ.


    Coastal Kitchen is all menu based. Suite Lounge side will have a few finger food style snacks at night.


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  7. Funny I never got any of these extras from that box store. Nothing offered maybe I should call and ask. :)



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    This was a clearly advertised perk on the site when booked. Can't recall off hand what it was exactly called. It was only available either in select sailings or ships, just don't recall.


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  8. Thanks so much for this! We're leaving on Oasis in a couple of weeks and this is helping get through the home stretch!


    One quick question about your "Major Warehouse Club" extras. We have booked through the same club and are also getting the specialty dining, cupcake class, etc. Two questions--which restaurants can the specialty dining credit be used at--just Chops and Giovanni's? Also, did you have vouchers waiting for you in the room or was it just noted on your account? Thanks!

    Was able to do CP150 and Chops on two different nights. Want to say everything is noted in your acccount.A sheet with the offers was left in the room.


    Sticker was already in place on the card, for some reason the soda cup wasn't left.


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  9. This recap will cover for the most part yesterday and today...



    In Falmouth got off the ship and explored once again the port complex area. From what I recall nothing has really changed. Disney Fantasy was in port with us.]

    Any signs of Halloween were gone, exception being Guest Services. Saw the Headliner show, "The Dangerous Comedy of Wilde and James". Also noticed an Oktoberfest event going on at the Pub with games and a small food spread. Dinner was at Chops as a complementary meal for booking with a "Major Warehouse Club". For the complementary meal a bill of $0 was presented once again.

    Rest of the night/early morning was hanging out with folks that I'm met.



    Another perk of booking with the "Major Warehouse Club" was a cupcake decorating class, was held at 3:30. One bonus given was a cookbook.

    This was the second formal night, dined in Coastal Kitchen. CK was fairly empty the entire time at dinner. Tonight the 70's night event was held. Other than that, not much more to report for either day.


    I'll be more than happy to fill in any blanks.


    --Nite all

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