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  1. My SO and I booked this cruise for our anniversary; She's originally from NYC so it seemed appropriate 🙂


    Of course, once my family heard about it, they all wanted to come along so we've got a party of 12 people now; my brother, two sisters, their significant others and their children and my parents all joining along. A bit different of an anniversary cruise for sure!


    Having a 10 day cruise as a second half of a B2B cruise sounds pretty amazing! 

  2. I just got back from my cruise in the 4J 6203 on the Glory. We didn't hear anything from the theater down below but we did hear waves one night when we were heading from the Cayman Islands to Jamaica and the seas were particularly choppy. It sounded like someone dropping something heavy above us and there was a bit of vibration hear and there, though a pair of ear plugs blocked it out easily enough

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  3. I am travelling with family over 3 rooms for my parents anniversary cruise and I was able to link our rooms together for dining without a travel agent. I called carnival directly and had to provide the Booking number and pin # as well as names of the people under that booking in order to link us together.  I had heard some people say they needed birthdates to confirm, and while I had those, the person I spoke with didn't ask for them. 


    One note, if you book your cruise directly on the Carnival website, like we did, it doesn't prompt for a pin at time of booking. I had to have each party call Carnival to set a pin before I was able to link our bookings together. 



  4. I know when I got FTTF for my Nov 2019 cruise, it didn't show up under shore excursions until February. I had been thinking I was doing something wrong, because I had been hearing about people booking theirs up to a year before. There wasn't even a sold out icon there... it just said something along the lines of "we are still scheduling shore excursions for this port" up until then.  I'm sailing on the Glory which changed home ports to New Orleans in February, and it seemed like Faster to the Fun becoming available corresponded with that changeover. (though that could just be a coincidence) My advice would be to just keep checking. You should see something soon! Good luck!

  5. While I can't answer all of your questions, I wanted to say I recently booked a surprise cruise as a present for my Mum and step-dad's anniversary. I just booked her room under her name but with my own email and phone number for the confirmations to come to, and paid for it on my card. It has a separate booking number than my own reservation which she will be able to make changes to once she receives the cruise. I even used her VIFP number to book the room (the site will let you put in the VIFP when looking at room rates and again when completing the booking)


  6. 5 hours ago, SandiLynn said:

    I am now concerned. We are booked in 6201 with friends in 6202 on GLory. We stay up late so did not think of noise during the day. I usually bring a small fan, so maybe that will drown out theater noise.  


    I'm booked in 6203 on the Glory in November but I've heard that these rooms are just a little further up than the theater stage and that the noise isn't really a problem (the waves hitting the bow are supposed to be more of a nuisance) Hopefully that's true, because I'm a fairly light sleeper. If you're onboard before me, I'd love to hear how you found the rooms!

  7. I've been looking forward to this review since I recently stumbled across your Dream reviews. I'll be sailing to the same ports as you're visiting this time but from New Orleans on the Glory in November (which I believe is what you're doing in September? Can't wait for that review too!) so I've been waiting to see what you have to say about Grand Cayman and Montego Bay. Can't wait to read more. Enjoy your cruise in the meantime! 

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