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  1. I have done inside, porthole, and Oceanview. Porthole was my favorite because you can look outside, but the cost is closer to inside than Oceanview. I think a balcony would be a fun experience, but we are the type of people who only use our room the shower/change and sleep. No point in spending all that money just to sit in your cabin! I'd rather go on nice excursions.
  2. Thank you for your helpful response! We will play around with it.
  3. I would definitely not leave my kids unattended in the cabin. What about bringing a stroller that reclines with a shade, so baby can nap in the pool area? I wouldn't trust the baby monitor. DH and I have looked into bringing walkie talkies so we can split up, but still communicate (daughter can go in pools, but son can't), but I have seen many mixed reviews. It seems you need to be in the right place at the right time for those types of things to work.
  4. I am cruising with my 3 year old and infant. We are driving to the cruise terminal, but not taking car seats on the ship. As for in port, we purposely picked an itinerary where we can access a beach either by walking or by water taxi, so avoiding ground transportation altogether. We're beach people , so that works for us. I personally don't want to lug around car seats, nor do I want my children in taxis or shuttles without them. That could be an option depending on what you like to do in port.
  5. Although, if it would save us significant space to split the beds, then DH could sleep up there.
  6. Carnival has no such policy that I have ever come across. Not in the Minor Policy or Infant Policy anyway. I had no issue booking the room. I understand the concern, but I don't see how it can be an enforceable policy. Would I prefer a sofa bed? Sure, but it isn't an option unless we fork over another $800 for a balcony room, and I would rather she be in a bunk bed then have to co-sleep with both her and the baby for part of the night.
  7. Why wouldn't they? I stated their ages online. When I called to request the crib I asked if the extra bed was a pullman or a trundle and they said pullman. She has slept on a twin bed with no guard rail since her 2nd birthday, and the pullmans have a rail. It's not like carnival can really police our sleeping arrangements when we are in the room.
  8. Hello. We have booked an inside cabin for our upcoming cruise, and will be using the crib that carnival provides for our 10 month old. The 3 yo will be in an upper Pullman. Will we make the most of our space by having the twin beds separate or pushed together for a king? The one cruise I went on with my mom instead of DH we did twin beds and I felt like there was more room. Baby usually co-sleeps for a couple hours during the early morning, so I'm not sure I want to do that in a twin bed which is why I hesitate. We don't plan to spend too much time in our room, but I would like to be able to at least walk through it. TIA!
  9. I've only ever done your time dining. You get to choose whether you want a table for only your party, or to be seated with other cruisers. I have never had to wait for a table, but I also tend to go almost as soon as ytd opens up most nights.
  10. Thanks. That's true, there is a carry strap. I'm hoping he'll nap in it! We don't want to get back on the ship until they make us. At the very least it will make it easier for us to eat lunch, since I doubt there are high chairs. I would most definitely NOT pusha stoller through the dunes of lake Michigan!
  11. I don't bring anything worth stealing. I have a wristband with a zipper for my cruise card, credit card, drivers license and a $20 bill. It doesn't really matter if that stuff gets wet. I also have a waterproof camera that I usually have in the water with me. Our beach bag is generally just towels, sunscreen, water, a book, and our clothing/cover-ups. Like this, but different material https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dilwe-5Colors-Outdoor-Sport-Running-Jogging-Exercise-Gym-Wrist-Band-Pouch-Wristband-Wallet-Sport-Wrist-Wallet-Running-Wrist-Wallet/212488995?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=18381&adid=22222222228250499665&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=294151755978&wl4=pla-581241920797&wl5=9017288&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=125211416&wl11=online&wl12=212488995&wl13=&veh=sem&gclid=CjwKCAiA99vhBRBnEiwAwpk-uHgndbGYUJS8_3Blss9gIbJgbdiWIrRAjtO2BMlfNto5SFWjTmNRTRoCIeYQAvD_BwE
  12. This is what I have been thinking this whole time. I have 2 children. Of course my husband had a few beers here and there during my pregnancies, but this scenario? NOPE.
  13. I sailed the sensation in 2015, so before the upgrades. We had a porthole room. IMO it has the same benefits as an ocean view room, at the cost of an inside. It was plenty quiet, but we don't spend much time in our room. I have never sailed with a balcony. I'm sure they're great, but I'd rather spend money on shore excursions. I also never had a problem finding a deck chair. The weather wasn't the greatest on that cruise, so that probably played into it.
  14. I don't know the answer to your question, but I imagine they would need some sort of proof of the pregnancy. If she does have to get the package with you, you will be paying over $100 per day. Do you really think you will drink over $100 per day in alcohol? Especially if your pregnant wife cannot drink with you. It is probably more economical to bring aboard your 2 bottles of wine and pay as you go.
  15. Thanks for the heads up! I will have a 3.5 yo and 11month old, so 3 hours is definitely the upper limit. We are coming the end of February! I thought it would be something fun and inexpensive to do instead of staying in our hotel room all morning. Especially if it's chilly and we can't find one with an indoor pool. I'm secretly hoping for scorching hot weather though. It's currently 21 degrees F here. We are members of our local zoo and they participate in the reciprocal zoo membership program, so we would get to go for 50% off.
  16. I'd take that in a heartbeat! I have a family of four, and on our upcoming cruise it would cost us nearly $800 to upgrade to a balcony.
  17. Thank you! I might be able to change it to 12:30-1 to be safe. We would like to be on board for lunch at a reasonable time, so we wouldn't be much later than that.
  18. This is my first cruise since Carnival started assigning check-in windows, and the first time I am driving to port. I selected a 12-12:30 window and we are sailing from Jacksonville. If all goes well on our road trip and we make it all the way to Jax the night before (instead of stopping 1-2 hours shy, we have little kids) we are considering spending the morning at the Jacksonville Zoo 10 min away. 9am-12pm is probably plenty of time for the zoo, but if we end up not getting to port until 1 or so, are there any reprocussions?
  19. Our cruise next month has a stop at Half Moon Cay. I will have a 3.5 yo and 11 month old. Is it worth it to bring my stroller for the baby, or are all the walkways sand? We plan to stay on the island all day and I was hoping he could nap in the stroller, but we will just stick with the baby carrier if there aren't actual sidewalks. I was also thinking it would be good for him to have a place to sit when we eat lunch. I do not have an all-terrain stroller, but it is a higher-end umbrella stroller if that makes a difference.
  20. Thank you for your replies. We knew he wouldn't be allowed in the clubs when we booked, but when I saw that info on the website, I thought "ooh, maybe some kid-free sunbathing time!" Hubby and I will just take turns giving each other a couple of hours. We have cruised together 3 times, but never with kids, so it will be a new experience!
  21. Here is what the website says .com.google.Chrome.MP01Rf ETA: that was supposed to be a screenshot, but I'm not sure if it worked. Basically it said that on sea days certain hours are set aside for children under 2, and parents can either stay and play with them, or drop them off for a fee. I get the impression that it is closed to the 2+ crowd during that time, which would defeat the purpose for us. You can also drop them off on port days for a fee, but we would never do that.
  22. Hello. My DH, 3yo daughter, 11 month old son and i are cruising Carnival next month. From what I can tell on the website there are certain hours each day that babies under 2 can use Camp Ocean with their parents for free, or be dropped off for $6.50/hr. Does anyone know if this means that Camp Ocean is closed for the older kids at these times? DH and I were thinking it would be nice to enjoy a drink and a book by the pool for an hour or two at some point, but only if we can drop both of our kids off at the same time. TIA! Also, we have no interest in the night owls program. We will probably all be going to bed early!
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