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  1. On 12/6/2019 at 5:53 AM, chloeyoh said:

    I'm in a balcony on Oasis. Bid for Junior Suite which was $200 minimum. I bid only $210.

    I bid minimum $500 on Grand Suite.

    It's frustrating that after submitting that one I can't see the other higher class categories or bid on them now.

    What sailing is that for? Any news?  Thanks

  2. 1 hour ago, dolphingirl47 said:

    I cannot find the original email anymore, but I remember it was £25 for Junior Suite or £75 for Grand Suite. It was over £200 for an Owner’s Suite so I discarded that idea straightaway.

    Was that the per person minimum bid for quantum? Curious as we are in a JS later this year and would like to know if upgrading is a possibility.  It is for a 5 night cruise. Many thanks 😊

  3. 12 hours ago, dolphingirl47 said:

    I decided to place a bid last week on a Grand Suite on the 25th November sailing on Quantum. A few days earlier I paid a very small amount for a normal revenue upgrade from interior to alarge balcony cabin. I was offered upgrades to Junior Suite, Grand Suite and Owner's Suite. I bid £25 per person above the minimum, which was considered week. Today I got an email that my bid got accepted. I am now in a Grand Suite on deck 8. Now I have to find out what this gets me on Quantum apart from the Coastal Kitchen access, which is the main reason I did this. I was considering getting the ultimate dining package and this actually ended up being cheaper even if you take the revenue upgrade into account. 



    Out of curiosity, what were the bid options for Quantum?  Many thanks

  4. 4 minutes ago, xxHadleyxx said:

    Lol.  Sailing out of Singapore is likely different, but sailing from Shanghai we saw no chair hogs.  Every time we walked through either the solarium OR the public indoor pool area chairs and loungers were available.  Some of the people we've met here in China tell me that sunbathing isn't really a thing in this culture.   Maybe that's why?

    Maybe we won't need to get up at sunrise then lol 

  5. 1 minute ago, xxHadleyxx said:

    Ah, no I didn't see it!   But very few people were out on the outside decks and we spent very little time there ourselves.  We only had one day with temps reaching into the 60s.  Otherwise it was highs in the mud 50s, add wind on deck and not pleasant to sit outside.   We appreciated all the aspects of Quantum which make her a good cold weather ship

    We only have one sea day each leg, and was hoping to make the most of it and not have to fight the chair hogs haha.  A bit extravagant to pay for but nice for a special occasion, that is unless it's throwing it down!

  6. 16 hours ago, xxHadleyxx said:

    They were never made available in our cruise planner.  

    I only saw pricing for the highest level (I think Gold) VIP listed on board.  They were not pushing it at all (at least among English speakers) and the sign was the electronic one by the theater on deck four.  It showed pricing info scrolling between English and Chinese for only part of day 2 that I saw.


    Price was 50$ per day per person.  It said every one in the cabin had to buy it and by day 2 at the latest.  Included were:


    Solarium access from early morning until it closed at 9 pm.  Including happy hour from 5:30 to 9. During happy hour the same drinks that Diamond coupons could be used on are available for free on the solarium bar and some hot snacks were set out.  Breakfast in the solarium bistro was also included


    Priority boarding/ and disembarkation 


    Priority escort off the ship in ports (VERY useful at the first stop in Japan where it takes a few hours to get everyone through customs).   Priority line for bumper cars.  Reserved seating at mainstage  shows (in balcony).

    Other normal concierge services.


    Concierge lounge access (which had happy hour from 4-6:30 but no bar set up in the area, so it's much better in the solarium).


    I think gold also got meals at costal kitchen and one free ride on Northstar.  But I'm not positive of that.



    I saw nothing about reserving Northstar for a private group, but Iimagine it could be done for a price.


    I'd be surprised if you could reserve private use of loungers in the solarium others already paid to have access to.  That said, we spent lots of time in there and there was always a good selection of every seating type, Including the big round beds, available.



    Thank you for all the information.  The sun loungers I was referring to are day beds beside the North Star bar - I seen a post for Anthem (albeit a while ago) where you could reserve them for the day at a cost that included champagne.  I just wondered if you had seen this on Quantum?


    Does anyone know if the 'Key' will be and option for Quantum sailings?

  7. Thank you so much for posting so much details about Quantum.  We are booked on a b2b over Christmas and really looking forward it.  Would you mind me asking, was the Silver and Gold VIP (similar to the Key) available on your Cruise Planner prior to departure and do you have anymore information on what it included?  Also, was there any information on private time on North Star or hiring the day beds in that area?  We are celebrating big birthdays and anniversary and I would like to surprise the other half with some extras.  This is only our 3rd cruise, the first 2 were in OS then GS - we will be in a JS this time so aware we won't have the same perks as a full suite but the VIP passes may help my husband get over the disappointment of the extras he really enjoyed.  

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