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  1. Help fellow travellers! We are getting closer to our sail date, and I thought we should have a roll call like the big lines (there isn't an option on the main roll call page for our cruise line). Please add in your information and questions here, and lets get this thread started! Has anyone else sailed Crystal? I'm looking forward to my first cruise in about two years, and my first cruise in the Med. Welcome!

  2. I sailed with Celebrity Millennium from Vancouver to Japan in September 2019. It was, I think, 14 or 15 days, with only four stops -- Sitka, Hakodate (Sapporo), Hokkaido, and Yokohama (Tokyo). We skirted a cold sea typhoon for much of it, so that was exciting -- a few plates crashing in the buffet, and the floors moving like I'd had five martinis instead of just one. We had lots of lectures to attend, on subjects from crossing the arctic on foot to Marylin Monroe. There was also a few separate lecture series -- Buddhism, marine life, and exploration. It was a great time for me to catch up on reading, write a little, have some great coffee and great martinis, and get rocked to sleep each night by the storm. It gave me a chance to reset, slow down, and discover how big this world truly is. I hope you enjoy your cruise.


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