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  1. We plan to use lanyards also. I am not planning on giving the kids one, as I imagine them losing it or hitting each other with them.
  2. Also recommend the CDC website. My doc recommended one of the Hepatitis shots, updated flu shot, and updated tetanus shot. I already had Typhoid from my honeymoon, not sure if that’s on the list. It really depends on where you’re visiting and what you’re doing while there. A trip to the beach won’t be as risky as an overnight stay.
  3. Thanks! Indy does have babysitting, which was a selling point for me. While I imagine most of my time will be spent with them, it will be nice to see a show as a date night. Great tip on taking a box of cereal with you, I swear they can never have too many snacks lol.
  4. First time cruising this February and we’re bringing the 5yr old and 2.5yr old. Anyone have any experience and best tips to share? We’re cruising on Indy and have a panoramic ocean view cabin, if that helps.
  5. I actually thought the Disney one was more negative than Royals. Royal’s article seemed to stick to the truth, things people could find on the FAQ page.
  6. Did you get the Royal Travel Protection? If so, you’re entitled to 75% back as a future cruise credit if canceling for any reason. Sorry to hear about the health scares, and hope everyone is ok soon.
  7. I can’t say from personal experience, but I’ve read it’s typically a 15min disembarkation whereas the self-assist line may be longer depending on how many people use it. Maybe someone here or under the key review page will have some experience?
  8. I know the Key is a debated purchase, but the one consistent I’ve read is that disembarking is quick. Might be a worth it purchase in this case.
  9. How old are your kids? I believe it’s 6+ required for the bunk beds. We had to upgrade to the panoramic ocean view to fit our 4 because of their ages. I also bought blow up bed rails for the kiddos that should help.
  10. Hello! My first cruise is just 50 days away, wahoo! When getting off the ship at port, what do you typically bring with you? Passport needed? If you’re swimming with your family, is there a safe place to put a bag? We’re doing a beach day in Labadee and swimming with the dolphins in Jamaica, if that helps. Thanks!
  11. This ship was chartered twice when we were scheduled for Feb 2020. We finally switched ships and luckily third try was the charm.
  12. Do you have a travel agent? I booked my family’s 6 cabins as the travel agent and have been able to link everyone together by calling. They were also able to mark us down sitting together. If you booked yourself, ask to have your rooms linked together first. Just be prepared to give all the reservation numbers at that time.
  13. Unless it's the alcohol package. Since both people have to have the same package, you'll have to leave it and wait for the refund. If it's a regular drink package, dining, etc you can cancel any time up to 72 hours before sailing.
  14. Anyone know is they limit the number of people who can purchase “The Key”? I’ve read the reviews on it, but can’t seem to find out if a ton of people purchase it or if it’s a small group. if it helps, I’m traveling on Indy in Feb.
  15. Hi! We're sailing Independence of the Seas in February 2020 and I'm trying to understand the dress code. Everything I read is different. So if I'm understanding this correctly: Around the ship during the day is casual Main Dining is "smart casual", which sounds like a fancy way of saying "business casual" to professional dress. Formal night is black tie, cocktail dresses Windjammer is casual, but no flip flops (can you wear dress sandals and tennis shoes though?) Do I have that all correct? Also: Do kids have to follow the no shorts rule too? Can toddlers wear tennis shoes with their pants, or do I really have to get them fancy shoes for this cruise? What do you wear to the shows in the evening? I feel like this suitcase is going to be over the weight limit for the plane, these are a lot of different outfits/shoes! Thanks in advance!
  16. Do you add a detachable piece so you don't have to hand over your whole lanyard?
  17. Love the idea of beaded lanyards to look nice!
  18. I need advice please! First time cruiser here. We're going on RCI's Independence of the Seas in February. When it comes to Seapasses, do a lot of people wear lanyards? As a female, I know not many of my outfits have pockets and I have 2 small kids to wrangle. However, I don't want to set up my family to look like nerds if no one else is wearing them. We have 6 cabins, so I'm going to buy them as Christmas gifts if its a good idea. Also, for Independence (Indy) do the Seapasses have RFID, or can they have a hole punched? Or do people wear the plastic sleeve kind? Thanks in advance!
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