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  1. I am not game to book a cruise for this year, but we have a British Isles Explorer cruise booked with Viking for next March.  I must admit though that I am not too optimistic that we will be even travelling then.   The vaccination program here is only in its nascent stage and I think most cruise lines will require passengers to be vaccinated.   


  2. Probably the right call by the UK authorities.  We have gone into lockdown again in Manila and the new Covid case numbers are very high.  The lockdown here will need to be extended to at least the end of April if it is to have any effect on breaking the cycle and allowing breathing spaces for our overburdened hospitals.   Unlike the UK, the vaccination program is in its early stages.    

  3. 6 hours ago, frquarterguy said:

     I am ready for a vacation!

     Could not agree more.  We could not wait to our next cruise in March 2022, so decided to have our first holiday for 15 months and are lucky enough to be flying to Boracay on Friday for a long weekend.  

  4. On 2/26/2021 at 7:08 AM, Heidi13 said:


    As per the Viking Advert & Commission Policy, the amounts are:

    • Cruises of 1 to 7 nights - $150 pp, or $300 per cabin (double occupancy)
    • Cruise of 8 to 14 nights - $300 pp, or $600 per cabin
    • Cuises of 15+ nights - $500 pp, or $1,000 per cabin

    Any cruise longer than 15 nights gets the same amount - therefore those that booked the 245-day Ultimate WC would have received the same as someone booking a 15-night cruise.

    Does anyone know if this policy applies to Australian consumers?   What is the typical OBC that Australians get when they make a booking through a travel agent versus directly with Viking?

  5. Hi all, my husband and I (Australian and Scottish) are currently living in the Philippines and will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year ( 7 years married).   We have two cruises booked with VO in 2022 and 2023 - nothing in 2021 as I do not think we will be able to travel freely this year.  I hope everyone keeps safe and like us, are looking forward to when we can cruise again.

  6. This thread makes interesting reading.  It seems that the US and UK are making good strides in getting people vaccinated, but as rbslos18 has said this is not the case in many countries.  As I said in a previous comment, vaccinations are yet to start here in the Philippines and I have now been advised that we are unlikely to be vaccinated until July to October at the earliest.   I fear it will be sometime before countries like the Philippines and Indonesia will have anything like a majority of its population vaccinated.  Will these and countries in a similar situation be willing to let tourists in even if they have been vaccinated? We have a VO cruise booked in March 2022 and I was more optimistic last year that this would go ahead - less optimistic now...

  7. The rollout of the vaccine is yet to commence here in the Philippines, and when it does start it will likely be some time before a significant majority of the population are vaccinated.  Some projections are that this could be sometime in 2023.  This is similar to many other "developing" countries.  I wonder what the impact of this will be on the ports that can be included in cruises even after the majority of the population of "developed" countries are vaccinated.

  8. We have not been game to book a cruise for 2021 - our next ones are March 2022 British Isles Explorer, and January 2023 Holy Lands both with Viking.  We really enjoy visiting both Iceland and Norway and am sure that those cruising to these locations will enjoy them as much as we do.  


  9. 9 hours ago, Peregrina651 said:


    UK, NZ and AU have different payment schedules than US/CAN market. PIF may be only 4 months out but the deposit is larger and more of it is at risk should the guest decide to cancel. This is because the laws of commerce are different from country to country. 

    Yes, interesting how these things differ from country to country.  In my case, I only had to put a $AUD500 deposit per person, with the remainder due four months prior to sailing.   Perhaps a special deal in Australia as an incentive to get people to make bookings.  

  10. Not sure if this is an Australian only thing - but when I booked a cruise in early September departing late January 2023, the final payment is only due in late September 2022.  Four months prior to departure date.

  11. We stayed in the OS last year, were spoilt rotten and absolutely loved it.  We like it so much we have booked two further cruises in 2022 and 2023 in the OS.  Further to the great answer provided by Flashfearless I will add a few further points:

    - we did not receive any free spa treatment, but really could select any time we wanted

    - we are wine drinkers and the sommelier met us in our suite and explained the wines to us.  I asked if we could take the wines to the restaurant and he advised us just to let him know what we liked and it would be available in the restaurant.  We did have the drinks package though, and thought it was good value for cocktails etc.

    - whilst we did not have a full dinner in the suite for our new friends, we did have two cocktail parties catered, including invitations being sent to the guests.  We could have had a waiter pour drinks for our guests, but declined the offer.  

    - in addition to the private excursion, Viking also arranged for a private transfer to the airport on disembarkation.  We did not expect it, but it was a nice gesture.

    - rather than putting our bags out the night before, we were able to have then taken off with us in the morning.  Viking staff assisted us from the ship to the waiting car.

    - nothing was too much trouble for our room attendant - she was great (she is in the picture posted by Flashfearless) and would arrange things like restaurant reservations at the last moment.

    - we ate almost exclusively at Manfredi's, and twice at the Chef's Table.  As Flashfearless stated normally in the same table that we expressed a liking for early in the cruise.

    - the fire in the boardroom has a switch you press to make the glass opaque, thereby making it private.  


    I am sure you will love it, and will want to travel in the suite again.

  12. A further word of caution.  I have travelled with Norwegian a couple of times - London/New York and on about half of the flights the original plane was replaced by a non-Norwegian plane with non Norwegian crew on board.  Vastly inferior hard and soft product.  Chaos among the passengers who now found their pre booked seats were not where they expected due to a different configuration.  Just be prepared for things to go potentially wrong.

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