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  1. Ok since I am booked on the Anthem of Seas Feb 2016 I have been reading all the reviews and must say was surprised at how many RCL loyalist where very unhappy with thier cruise on the Anthem. I was watching the reviews since the Anthem returned to New Jersey and overall they are not that good. Even the ones with good ratings have lots of negatives. The compalints can be broke down to three major areas:


    1. Service/Staffing


    2. Food Quality


    3. Cleanliness


    So here is my suggestiong to all of you that have had a bad experience on Anthem - please send something to RCL and "Sound Off" about what you did not like about the cruise and also what you did like. If they get enough people saying the same thing - my guess is they will be taking action to correct it. It is not in RCLs best interest to provided bad service. I do believe they want us to have a WOW experience. :)


    So please "Sound Off" to corporate - I think they will appreciate the feedback.


    P.S. If you have already communicated with corporate your concerns - thanks! - it may very well make my cruise and that of future Anthem cruisers much better. :D

    We were on the Anthem in November and had no big issues with the service. The food was good except they ran out of salad numerous times in the buffet during lunch.

  2. We have our NorthStar reservation already for our cruise in the spring. Just checked my cruise planner and it still has $0.00. Hope it stays that way, and they don't try to pull a fast one on us. We did NS already on Quantum, so will cancel if they decide to charge us. I also didn't see anywhere it says there's a charge. Maybe I need to do a dummy booking for iFly.



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    Read there is only a charge on the Quantum out of Shanghai for whatever reason.

  3. I just read a post on the blog site from someone who just received notification that there was now a $20US charge per ride on Northstar and Ripcord on Quantum. They had existing reservations for $0.00 and were told they would be charged.

    I sure hope they don't start charging for it. We did both last month and loved it but if they charge will not do it again.

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