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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary and enjoy your balcony. We will be doing our 50th cruise for our 50th anniversary on the Radiance later this year. 🙂
  2. This is no longer available. Only Havana guests with their wristbands are allowed.
  3. On the Panorama, 8T is deck 14. 8P is deck 11. Both are Cloud 9 Spa balconies. 8T is probably more expensive than the 8P.
  4. Actually, the the 8A is the lowest category and the 8T is the highest category of the cat 8's.
  5. They no longer have the booking a future cruise on the ship anymore. They usually now give you a 2 week window after your current cruise to book a future cruise. Don't know what the discount might be.
  6. Jack's Shack is Grand Turk.
  7. We just returned 2 weeks ago from the Legend. We had a mini fridge in our balcony cabin and it kept things nice and cold. Hint -- take a washcloth and fold it a couple of times and leave the wooden door to the fridge access open a couple of inches with the washcloth holding the door open. It gets better circulation that way. Newer ships don't have that problem.
  8. Jack's Shack and Margaritaville are on at Grand Turk. In Cozumel, there is no Jack's Shack and there is no Margaritaville at Carnival's port. There is one at the RCL port (within walking distance of Carnival's port.) There may also be one in downtown.
  9. Seafood Shack as well. The Mediterranean restaurant above Lido should also be open for lunch.
  10. Looking at the deck plan, 2503 is not a Cove balcony. It is a Family Harbor aft facing balcony. Coves are along the port and starboard sides and are cat 7.
  11. We have been in Cove balconies on the Dream, Magic, Breeze and Vista. Never had the door closed on us. Fingers crossed for our Mardi Gras next year. 🙂
  12. And 200 for Diamond -- unless they start making changes.
  13. This is correct. Nothing covers the window -- just the cabin door to the balcony.
  14. Legend does too. As does the Miracle and the Spirit. Liberty also has a cover over the aft pool.
  15. Happens to all of us some times. 🙂
  16. My response was our experience on Carnival since this is the Carnival message board. Not aware of Cabin Steward providing this service on Carnival. However, you can get items from Room Service for a fee.
  17. We haven't seen soft drinks (or any other drinks) in the mini fridges in several years.
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