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  1. Does anyone know what's happened to Maho Beach? It appears to have seen a tremendous amount of erosion over the past month or so. It used to be a beautiful beach that you could stroll down to the water's edge. Now there are exposed rocks and ledges. What gives?


    Maho Beach Webcam - http://mahobeachcam.com



  2. Just remember before you add a ship to the list ..... just because RCI SAYS that you are booking something called Voom does not mean that you are necessarily getting the expected Voom speed. I would not add a ship to this list until someone has actually been on the ship and tested the speed. Seems to me that RCI is calling all internet on their ships Voom, but as of yet, have not installed the Voom hardware and software to bring the speeds up to the level that is on Oasis/Allure etc.


    I agree. I should have made myself clearer. Only passengers that have been onboard and confirmed high speed Voom service should add the ship's name to the list. Thank you.



  3. [quote name='Yorkvillain']I'm sorry, I just cannot do that.

    Just kidding, here you go:



    Thank you very much.


  4. ROOM SERVICE - Just be aware that if you order room service after 12 pm there is a small charge.


    I believe you meant to state 12am vs 12pm. I understand there is a small charge after midnight.


    Also, does anyone have or in a position to point me to the Oasis/Allure room service menu? Thanks in advance.



  5. Just as some people choose to book excursions at every port and others do not. Just as some cruisers opt to dine in the specialty dining restaurants and others do not. Just as some cruisers opt to eat in port instead of on ship during port days. Some cruisers choose drink packages while others do not. Everyone has their own way of vacationing on a cruise. there is no universal right or wrong way to cruise.


    Agreed!! Very well stated.



  6. I realize it will be impossible to know (outside of a RCI data center), but I'm curious if frequent cruisers on recent cruises have a sense of what % of people have drink packages? Especially the premium or ultimate?


    Is it fairly rare? Or is it a significant percentage?


    Take a WAG if you have experiences.


    It may also be self-biased, I suspect people who enjoy more of the drink packages naturally see others who have the same and vice versa, so it might be interesting to know where you lie on the spectrum, too.


    With the recent steep price increases for individual drinks, I believe RCI is trying to encourage people to select a drink package. We have the Ultimate Package for our cruise next month.


    It will be interesting to see how hard the bartenders will push the drinks. I'm not sure the packages really benefit the bartenders in terms of tips. I would like to hear other comments on this subject. Thanks.



  7. Can anyone tell me what the Oasis MDR seating arrangements are? There are now three restaurants, one on each level. I am aware Dynamic Dining has been abandoned but which levels are traditional seating vs MTD? I hear the lower level, American Icon, is now MTD. Is this correct? In addition, where are the tables for two usually located? Hopefully they are not tucked away in a corner. Thanks in advance.



  8. As of this morning, no luck purchasing a beverage package through the cruise planner....getting the same error message as others...and this has been going on for a week, with no resolution:confused:

    We are not new to cruising, but this will be our first RC voyage. Hopefully the cruise line is run better than their IT Department:eek:


    Save yourself some trouble and call RCI directly and make your arrangements. The number is listed on the page displayed with the error message. That's what I eventually did after having issues over several days. It has obviously turned into weeks now. RCI IT leaves much to be desired.



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