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  1. In about 5 months we'll be flying to Amsterdam for a TA from Rotterdam. We'll be arriving the day before our cruise so Holland's transportation isn't available to us. We will have 1 large and 2 smaller suitcases, so our question is the most economically feasible mode of transport for us to take. We're considering the train, but wanted to know if anyone has experienced it with that much luggage, and if the train can easily accommodate it? I've looked at Amsterdam boards as suggested on our roll call, but can't seem to find a definitive answer, and Taxis seem to be a bit too costly. Any transportation suggestions will be much appreciated. TIA.

  2. We just returned from a cruise on the Eurodam. Everything was great and we had no real complaints; however, I did make a suggestion on my review. I truly enjoy trying local beers on every port we visit. So I suggested that Holland should consider offering beers on the ship that reflect the itinerary. Our next cruise is October on the Rotterdam, so I would love to see them implement this plan.

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  3. Our upcoming Feb. 3rd cruise will be our first as 4* Mariners. We've used the laundry service before while in a Neptune suite but not sure if dry cleaning is part of the complementary service or if it is extra? I appreciate any input.

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