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  1. We will be sailing on Virgin Nov 19-24th and then immediately getting on Freedom of the Seas. Can we walk from the Virgin terminal to the Royal terminal? Or if not what would be the best way to get from one to the other? I’m assuming if we stay on the Virgin ship as long as possible we wouldn’t have too much of a wait before being able to embark on Freedom. 

  2. We took our kids on the Liberty back in 2009.There definitely was a topless sundeck at that time because I accidentally found it with my 12 year old son. There was a sign at the bottom of the steps before heading up that it was the St. Tropez sundeck but my naive self had no idea what that meant so up we went. Once we got up there I realized what it was and just turned around and went back down. I’m guessing my son noticed what was up there but he never brought it up and neither did I 😊 


    I haven’t seen a St Tropez area on any of our cruises since then. 


  3. Did you feel that the money spent of specialty dining was any better than the MDR?




    With the BOGO deal we booked it was worth it. Giovanni’s and Chops were definitely better than the MDR. If I had to pay full price I’d probably just pick Giovanni’s. The full price for Chops seems high to me. The food was excellent though, so who knows! Lol



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  4. After dinner we went back to pack our bags and then it was time for the Perfect Couple game . This is a new game for us and it was a lot of fun. It’s kind of spin off of the quest but as couples. After that was the adult comedian. Again, lots of fun but don’t go if you can’t handle swearing and adult themes.


    After that we went for our last night in the schooner bar. We thanked our bartender and piano player with some additional tips and then went to bed!


    This morning we had luggage tags 7 with an estimated 8am departure. We met in the dining room deck 3 and tag 7 was called at 8:08. We were off the ship, grabbed our 4 bags, through customs and in a taxi by 8:18! The trick is to use a porter. We were able to bypass the longer customs line and go right up to an agent.


    I forgot to write down how long the taxi ride took to the airport but I’d say it was about 10-15 minutes. Taxi with our 4 bags was $25.



    There was no line for the agriculture check so that took less than a minute.


    Our southwest flights weren’t until 1:35 so we weren’t sure if we could check our bags yet since they say you can’t do it until 4 hours before and we were about 45 minutes before that 4 hour time. They said it was no problem so we got rid of our bags and then off to security. There was only one agent working but the line was still pretty short so it wasn’t a problem. They did have a sign saying they were running on generators.



    The airport air conditioning was working. I was concerned beforehand because since we were traveling to Wisconsin I had on pants and a lighter sweater. I thought I would be sitting in the airport for 4 hours sweating, but in reality I was actually cold.


    There is a Margaritaville right across from the duty free shop so we sat down and had breakfast. It wasn’t the best breakfast but it served its purpose.



    Our southwest flight to Orlando and then Orlando to Milwaukee both left right on time.

    We are now back in Wisconsin making our 2 hour drive home. It’s been a long day of travel and I think after only a few hours of sleep last night (and most nights all week!) we are both going to sleep well!



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  5. Day 7 was a sea day so we slept in and then spent most of the day by the pool.


    Dinner was in the MDR again.

    Brian had mentioned the other night his much he likes the Olive rolls that we had the first night. Our asst waiter informed us that the baker had made a small batch of the rolls for Brian the night before but we didn’t show up. We felt so bad!










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  6. So after making back safely to the ship after our Trikes excursion we decided to grab something to eat. Right across from the port was Iguana Joes. Service was a little slow but the food was good!






    After eating we decided to walk around a little bit to look at all the shops. We went back to the ship around 8 and then decided to go relax in the hot tub. After the hot tub we went back to the room to shower and get ready for The Quest! As we were walking in we both said that this time we were going to just sit back and watch but of course 30 minutes later there we were out in the middle of a group of people wearing each other’s clothes! [emoji23] so much for just watching. f433df2cc666a4dec35cbfabf4097a7e.jpg


    After that it was back to the schooner bar. We had the best bartender here and enjoyed talking with him every night.



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  7. Then down to another beach which I can’t remember the name of. While we waited here one of the guides rode off to find one of the Trikes that got cut off from the group and missed a turn. He returned with them after about 5 minutes!



    We were then off again to a rock formation.



    Supposedly at the top of the formation you can see the whole island and there is a restaurant and a bar.


    It was 4:40 at this time and if you remember the Navigator had an all aboard time of 5:30. The guide said we could stay for 20 minutes at the rock. The Navigator guests all protested! They said they were making an executive decision and we were leaving the rock formation immediately! We were bummed because it sounded like it would have been a cool view but I would have been insisting as well if we had an all aboard time of 5:30 too.


    After dropping off the Trikes and loading up in the 2 taxis we were headed back to the ship. It was 5:10 at this time, and Aruba rush hour.


    As you can imagine they were all getting pretty nervous. Our driver (who was one of the Trikes guides) ended up breaking just about every traffic law possible and got them back at 5:35. We don’t even know for sure what time the other taxi got back but I can’t imagine he drove like a bat out of hell like ours did. Navigator ended up pulling out of port about 6:10 so I’m guessing they made it!



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  8. Day 6 Aruba


    This was probably my favorite Island.


    We had the afternoon Trikes excursion so we got up and right away went to the beach.


    We went to Eagle Beach. It was about a 10 minute ride and the taxi was $13.

    We were dropped off at a place called Coco Loco. I thought the chair rental was crazy expensive but even though we only were going to be there about 2 hours we paid it. It was $40 for 2 chairs and an umbrella. In hindsight we should have just skipped the chairs and put our stuff down in the sand since we were in the water most of the time.





    At 12:45 we went back to the ship to change for the Trikes and then met the tour outside the ship at 1:30.




    The email confirmation I got said they would pick us up at 1:30. Ride the Trikes from 2-5 and then have us back to the ship at 5:30. We were in Aruba until 11 so that wasn’t a problem for us. The rest of the people in the group were on the Navigator and had an all aboard time of 5:30. The guy picking us up said he would have them back to the ship at 5. 5:05 at the latest. So off we went!


    After signing some forms and making payment we got a brief instruction on how to drive the Trikes and then we were off! It was close to 2:30 at this time.



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  9. Dinner in the MDR again tonight. We enjoyed our meals but in cruises past I remember having a hard time picking what I wanted to eat because there were so many items that sounded good. This time I felt like I was struggling to find just one thing that sounded good. In the end everything we picked was good. It just felt like the options weren’t as good. The dessert menus especially seemed like they had cut back. Not complaining because like I said, everything was good. It just felt different!










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  10. We stayed at the beach until around 3 and then hopped out n the taxi for yet another $20 taxi ride. This time we had them drop us off in the shopping area downtown so we could walk over the queen Emma bridge.





    We then started walking back to the ship. It was about a 10-15 minute walk from downtown. (Not counting the hour stop at a cigar lounge along the way!)







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