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  1. On 5/22/2023 at 9:29 AM, chiguy67 said:

    We paid for the Blue Bus to take us to Mendenhall Glacier and it runs every 20-30 minutes. It was great. We also did the tram to the top. It was still snowy and the trails were muddy but it was fun as well.

    Did you book the bus in advance? We only have a 5 hour port stop and I just found out we’re at the farthest dock. 😢 I’m not certain if we want to do both the bus and the tram. Was wondering if we could play it by ear or it will be all sold out at the port? 

  2. we cruised over christmas a couple years ago and I picked up some stuff at the dollar store, including a christmas stocking with iron-on letters to personalize it. on the ship we ironed the steward's name on and wrapped up each of the little toys and trinkets and treats and stuffed the stocking and left it on the bed christmas morning when we vacated the room. yes, I travelled with wrapping paper and tape.. rofl.. my whole family was on the cruise and it was christmas! people told me not to wrap my gifts before I flew. :)


    she cried. she sat down in the room and wrote us a 3 page letter. she cried and hugged us in the hallway. she was so.. excited, that santa had found her on this ship so far from home and family, and touched that strangers had done that for her.. it was such a simple thing, too.. honestly I did it as much for myself as for her.. her reaction absolutely made my christmas. :)


    one of the things that made the cruise on the other hand was bringing along a small pair of speakers to plug into the walkman so we could have music of our choosing in the cabin.


    That is the absolute sweetest thing that I have read on this board! It made me misty....

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