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  1. hi there jim.


    I've just seen this thread and have sat in the office reading it from start to finish, (don't worry i own the company :) ). Like so many others before me the tears were welling up as i read your words. I think what has touched us all is the openness with which you post. No fancy words, no skirting round delicate issues, just good honest writing. As has been said before you are not alone on this cruise jim, you have hundreds of people around the world dining with you in the windjammer, sitting at the bar with you or taking a nap in the cabin with you - good job you got a junior suite or we wouldn't all fit ;).


    It warmed my heart that royal caribbean honoured both carol and yourself by making the arrangements for her burial at sea. All too often we come on here and have a pop at aspects of the cruise which have upset us. If ever there was an event which showed both company and crew are human and have hearts this is it for me.


    I am delighted you have attained the status of roaming diner and i only wish we were aboard so that we could have the honour of your company for an evening. You're a good fella !


    As for the tears, well that's all part of the grieving process. There are times when it hurts so much you wish you could forget the person but a good cry later and it's like all the pressure has been released. You go from tears to laughing about an aspect of the person's personality almost in the same breath. It does get easier, the tears become less frequent but the warm glow form your loved one's memory remains for ever.


    I think you are probably in one of the best places right now. You speak to people and carol is mentioned in conversation almost immediately. All too often people avoid grieving people or turn the conversation away from their departed loved one because they are embarrassed or worried they will upset you when really all you want to do is talk about them.


    A cruise is about the people. The new friends, the conversations whether whilst at dinner or sneaking a quick afternoon smoke with the boys. That's exactly where you need to be right now, talking.


    You have started what is possibly one of the most poignant threads ever to appear on cruise critic jim. I know you didn't set out to, you just wanted to share your cruise with us, but it's a mark of you as a man that we all share your thoughts and feelings.


    I will finish by echoing someone else's sentiment that as i read this i felt a strange draw between feeling emotional and yet rather hungry at the same time :)


    i shall raise my glass to carol and your good self in a quiet moment on my next cruise.


    Keep smiling.


    Henry :)



    here here!

  2. Hi All,


    I am new to this site and new to cruising! My boyfriend and I are booked on 12/13 Caribbean cruise on Independence of the Seas. I'm having a bit of a dilemma about which cabin to choose.


    Currently, I have a promenade stateroom, but I am deciding whether to downgrade to "guarantee". I basically have no idea whether the extra money is worth it in terms of the room. Neither of us is picky about the room itself, but are there other factors I should be concerned about? Or should I just downgrade to Guarantee and spend the 800 bucks on excursions? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!



    My husband and I are also booked on the 12/13/08 cruise. Have you signed up for the M & M? We have also booked a Promenade Stateroom. We decided on the Promenade so we can watch the parades in the evenings and don't have to fight the crouds. We were on the Freedom OTS in Sept 07 and missed every parade.

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