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  1. I have the same cruise booked on the magic. My investment is lower than yours, just $150 in deposits. 

    I was really confident this cruise would happen. Then they changed the dry dock dates. Now we only have what, like three cruises between the restart date and our cruise? That’s not a lot of buffer with everything going on.


    If it is cancelled I’ll move it to Thanksgiving 2022.

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  2. NVAX created a MERS and SARS vaccine years ago. Their Covid vac is producing antibodies in testing. They have also upgraded the flu vaccine and got rid of the egg that messes so many people up.


    They have already received a DOD order for the covid vac, delivery EOY. Another grant allowed them to purchase a billion dose production facility. Their most recent grant was 1.6 billion from the Feds to make sure everything was completed timely. 

    I suggest y’all follow them, not only for the vaccine updates, but for the crazy gains the stock has made this year. $4 to $140. It’s millionaire making stock. 

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  3. I want to try all the extra restaurants at lunch on the Horizon. We haven’t cruised in forever, and besides the steakhouse, I can’t recall having access to the bbq, Italian, wok, taco bar, or even guys. I’d also like to try brunch. I want to do the sky pedaling thing, putt putt, and I might try a slide if it’s open enough (I don’t like 100% enclosed tubes). I feel like it’s been so long everything is new, so I want to do it all 😁

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  4. We had an interior on Lido on the Dream, sort of in the middle of that section.


    I hurl if I read billboards in a car. Zero issues with this cabin, we loved it. I took meclazine (sp?) on schedule whether I needed it or not. 

  5. thank you!



    i think you had every right to be upset. if you paid for a hotel room at a resort and it was loud and noisy it would be unacceptable. if i understand correctly... when you book guarantee, you book a cabin at the lowest cabin rate and you might get bumped up if a higher category is available. that doesn't mean there is a slight possibility of also getting stuck in a complete dump as well... okay... maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration! but you get the drift. you still paid your fee and your cabin shouldn't be any less enjoyable than anyone else's b/c you booked guarantee. :)
  6. Don, thanks so much for the information, that explains a lot!


    neatokimmo: I'm so sorry to read that there were some unfortunate issues with your cruise while staying in on of those forward rooms on Main deck. I've done 2216 (right across the hall) numerous times on Conquest class ships, and I totally know what you mean by those wave 'slaps' that shake the forward rooms. Can be annoying and frightening, I know, but it's due to that curve of the bow creating a angled surface to take a direct hit in rougher seas.


    The other situation of the noise heard from the dancers is a case of really unfortunate timing for you. There is no way you could have been aware that a new cast of performers would have just arrived (their very first shows were on the 11/30 sailing) and would still be in daily rehearsals to learn the two additional shows they'd need to know for their contracted months. For that 11/30 sailing, they were rehearsing at bizarre times, including the wee morning hours. That learning curve will soon be over, so the passengers on those cabins won't have the same unfortunate experience you did, or as often as you did. There is an entertainment elevator in that area between 2218 and 2219, and the dancers use it when leaving or entering the theatre from the audience doors (i.e. the parade from the Mardi Gras show "The Big Easy"). So some of that running you heard might not have been totally from above you, but literally right outside your cabin.


    I'm glad to read that the purser office did try to do something for you, since I found that particular group of crew member to be quite foolish during my recent sailing.

  7. That is excellent info to know, thanks!


    We were in 2218 on the Costa Fortuna last year and it was the same thing. The Fortuna is the same design as the Triumph and maybe the Freedom also? That cabin was so loud, I remember the booming noises, the theatre noise, and how loud it was when we went to port. We also have small kids, they slept okay but for me it was hard. Last month we were on the Triumph in cabin 2234, it was a little better but still loud.
  8. I totally understand your frustation but someone will end up in that cabin every cruise if they book a gty so warning against it will do no good, as no one in their right mind would pick that location if they were were not doing a gty.




    So all you newbies out there, don't accidentally pick this cabin or really the ones around it. The other people in our group had a main aft cabin and they were ok. I've stayed in order, main mid, main mid, way high (like 7/8?) mid, main aft and now main forward. So don't be scared of the main deck, just the forward part.

  9. Just to clarify, I'm the sort to want a polite purser desk employee and a sincere attitude without cover ups (got a lot of weird excuses that week) than junk sent to the cabin that wasn't wanted. I didn't want to get into all of that on my post earlier.


    For a flame that was pretty nice! I'm expecting much worse as more people read my post! lol



    I don't mean this as a flame -just my opinion. :)


    I really am sorry your guarantee luck ran out and you got a bad room. I've been lucky so far but know I could also get stuck with one of those noisy rooms sometime. There's ALWAYS that chance, as you well know. Someone ends up with those rooms on each cruise.


    I do think the ship did seem to make an effort to make things right as best they can - you got wine, champagne, strawberries, and a toy for the baby? As for the letter, if they sent that early in the cruise there may have been a possibility at that point a room would open up if someone had an emergency and had to fly home or used the vacation guarantee. So I really don't think they purposely mislead you.


    Hope your next room is in a much quieter spot. :)

  10. I liked the design of the ship, the layout and decorations. After the Legend (which is my favorite so far) I'd say in "prettiness" this ranks second. Squeaky clean, but that has been my experience with all the ships. Everything for sale was exactly the same stuff that is for sale on all the other ships. They had a split layout, nice stuff on one side, liquor/t's on the other.


    The pool area was well kept too. I did not like the big screen, it was loud and so "there" if you know what I mean. During sea days I felt it was in competition with all the other activities.


    We were in the Chic dining room. I thought my best meal of the week was the blackened tilapia. My Dad's best meal was the prime rib, he enjoys his beef rare and they cut the perfect piece for him. Christina was our head server, she was very nice!


    We did the 8 day. We went to Megan's Bay (wouldn't recommend at all, go to Sapphire), Long Bay in Antigua (this was a fluke, the driver recommended it after saying Runaway was jammed packed..it was a 40 minute ride to the other side through fields and small towns..that was cool and the beach was great) and the last place was Crown something (I think, I'll have to check) it was also nice.



    Sorry to hear that you had such a long sleepless week :( I know you said you have gone with the gty cabins before but this is exactly why in all of my cruises I have been very leery to do so.


    Other than the cabin noise, how did you like the ship? What dining room were you in, how was the pool area, and the shops on the ship? Did you do the 6 day or the 8 day......


    Can you tell we are sailing on the Freedom next month :)

  11. I wanted to post a quick review to warn others about the cabin I was assigned on our cruise.


    If you get 2218 on the Freedom, I just want to prepare you for the issues we had.


    But first things first, I could care less if "you always pick exactly the room you want because you don't want surprises". I've always gone guarantee and had zero issues my first 4 cruises. So I guess I have an 80% success rate. So if your fingers are just itching to type that, please don't ;)


    This cabin is located below the back stage area of the theatre. The music was not the issue (which was very faint) it was the running back and forth of the performers to change clothes. For being such little things, those dancers can really gallop back and forth. They will be practicing every afternoon for several hours. If you have a small child that needs to nap in the afternoon then you are screwed. Oh ya, it also goes on several hours on nights they have shows.


    Another issue we had was the loud cannon booming sound every 15 minutes all night long. Many times these booms made items shake which would just add to the noise. I don't think this noise was just for our cabin, I could hear it in the hallways. When I questioned our steward, he confirmed that noise happened a lot. I think he said it was the ocean (language barrier there), but you'd think they'd dampen the sound some way in the design.


    And once last noise issue, when you pull into port hang on. Our cabin shook so hard it made my teeth rattle.


    I was really surprised by all of these issues. I did contact the pursers desk who sent security twice. The first time (dancers) they sent dipped strawberries (that were nasty mush underneath yikes), art auction champagne and a funship freddy for the baby. I appreciate the offer and I appreciate that they sent anything at all. But what really irritated me, was the letter. That they would move us if a cabin opened up.


    Now this sailing was sold out a couple of weeks before we sailed. I knew there weren't any cabins. But I called anyway. I called often- shoot I called every afternoon while the dancers galloped across the ceiling and woke up the baby. Finally one girl admitted there wouldn't be any cabins opening up (then don't put that in the letter sunshine).


    They also sent a bottle of wine to dinner one night. Nice gesture once again but that fact I was totting around a sleep deprived 22 month old wouldn't be fixed with a $7 bottle of wine.


    So anyway, if you are childless with late dining and spend the afternoons out on deck you'll be fine. If you have kids that require sleep then I'm sorry and I hope you have better results that we did.


    (and the food was fine (not great but not gross), the shows were great, the ship was pretty and still had that new ship smell and the staff were very nice - but I'll be canceling my future Carnival cruises until I can get over my frustration with the whole situation)


    I'll be happy to answer any specific questions about the ship/itinerary.

  12. I also emailed them but they didn't email me back...do you think I should try again? I am looking for an Inspiration pin, it was my first cruise :)


    Just came back from sailing on Carnival Destiny. As a past guest my pin was waiting in my cabin, I think mid-week. I emailed Carnival and had requested the Carnival Victory pin-this had been my first cruise. They emailed back, requesting some details, then mailed it to me at no cost. It was waiting at home when I returned from the Destiny.
  13. What a fun thread :) I just sent an email to Carnival for an Inspiration pin, it was my first cruise and of course I didn't get a pin for it.


    Now the hunt is on for a neat photo box/frame type thing to put them in :)

  14. From the ship I like to get an 8 X 10 of the ship I'm on, my past cruiser pin and my sail and sign card. You can buy stick on magnets for business cards to stick on the back of your sail and sign to make a cool magnet :)


    From the islands I like to get a shell or two. I also like hand painted items (like tiles from Costa Maya) or carved wooden shells (from Belize). I try not to buy anything that screams tourist :)

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