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  1. Seems to be many conflicting comments about this. My sister and I just splurged on the UDP for our cruise in 2.5weeks and would love to avoid WJ first day. Can we do playmakers or johnnyrockets if no specialty restaurant is open?
  2. Heading on Navigator 2/24. We were lucky enough to get the deluxe beverage package. Is there a more specialized wine menu to enjoy at Vintages?
  3. Loving your review. My sister and i sail on Navigator in February and we can't wait.
  4. When would it show in the planner? Our cruise is 2/24 and I haven the seen it yet.
  5. Unfortunately I had to give up going on the cruise for a work training, but DH and my daughter will still be going. Does the Elation have irons available or are there irons in the self service laundry for DH to press his collared shirts? Thank you!
  6. To be able to walk around popular tourist attractions like Greycliffe. We didn't want an excursion, but o thought we would walk to the Manor look around and shop. But if we would get turned away from walking around Greycliffe because they have so many tours scheduled we will just stay on the ship.
  7. Taking the Navigator 2/24-2/28 and got notice that Nassau was switched from day 2 to day 4 to accommodate Allures issues. There will now be 5 ships in port. Definitely not doing an excursion, but thought to walk to Greycliffe - which is obviously a big tourist stop. Will the port be too crowded with that many ships in port?
  8. My husband has a cruise scheduled Nov 7 and since the hurricane we have been watching to see if they substitute that port. Has anyone gone to Freeport in the past few weeks?
  9. We bought the $500 gift card before the program ended and plan to pay for our drink package with it. However, I can no longer go on the cruise and DH will just be telling them at embarkation that I can't make it. Will he get a credit that can be cashed out at the casino or will he be sent a carnival gift card for the amount of my drink package? Thanks in advance.
  10. So we had a 4 day cruise planned for November. I had transfered $200 in funpoints to my account from my Carnival MasterCard. And we bought a $500 AARP carnival gift card to pay for our alcohol packages. Right before the final payment date a job opportunity I've been waiting over 18months for finally became available with mandatory training required during our cruise. We decided that I won't go, and while we still look for a roommate for DH, we can't guarantee someone will replace me. Its a group cruise, so DH will have plenty of friends on board. I called Barclay to have the funpoints credit transfered to DH's name. Not sure yet if that went thru - they said it could take 3 weeks for a response. For the gift card if we prepay the drink package and I just end up not showing at embarkation, will the drink package be refunded for me? Can DH get cash back or a credit on the credit card he leaves on the account? Can he just play a few games at the casino and cash out there? Thank you!
  11. Thank you...guess we will have to wait for our Harmony cruise. Nov 2020
  12. I've been reading about breakfast on Oasis class ships in Johnny Rockets and was wondering if that is also served on Navigator? Thank you!
  13. On our first cruise we flew separately- my phobia of going down on the same plane leaving our small children orphans. So we arrived at different times and rather then have him wait at the airport for me to arrive several hours later he took an earlier shuttle to board the ship on his own. This time I have business commitments in the am so he is driving the 1.5 hr trip to PC with others in our group to board early and I will be coming in the afternoon. We now live in FL so no flights but we have the flexibility of being able to travel to suit our needs.
  14. Thanks! I was looking at the Key program for RCI on my other cruise and it is $35.99 a person per day but I paid $60 total for a 4 day cruise for the FTTF! A nicer lunch in the MDR is not worth the price to get in quicker with the Key!!
  15. A few months back when I was locking in a lower price I bought FTTF - I thought it was for both DH and I. But when I look at it in the planner under guests it shows only my name? Is it per person and not for the whole cabin?
  16. Thank you! I got a wonderful group rate that wasn't much more then our usual Inside cabin. DH had suggested trying a balcony but if I get a balcony I want ocean view and the difference in price just doesn't make sense with our budget. I'd rather put the $ towards excursions to enhance our enjoyment. I was very lucky and got the $18 deluxe beverage deal so I already spent a little more then I had expected as we wouldn't have purchased it otherwise. We've always wanted to go on oasis class but never seemed to have the money in a lump sum, so I just decided to stop waiting until the 'right time' and I booked it a year and a half out and am paying it off monthly. My sister just asked if she and her DH could join us and she booked the room next door so it made me question if the rooms are 'good enough'- her DH has never been on a cruise before and her first will be with just me on Navigator in February. I hope they love cruising as much as we do and I especially hope our dhs get along and become friends- they've never met before!
  17. Booked 8522 forward on Harmony- have always had an interior room and it appears this has a slope towards the floor near the window. Will this be a problem for DH who is 6'2"?? Thanks!
  18. Ok so our cruise is 60 days away and I was just told by my boss that I am being trained for a job that I have waited over a year for, and the training falls right during the cruise dates. We are trying to find another friend to be dh's roommate but since we were going with a fairly large group of friends, DH plans to go with or without a plus one. So I guess I will be a no show if we don't get a roommate. No way does it make sense to pay a single supplement!
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