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  1. 16 hours ago, ATSEAMYLIFE said:

    There's a couple of Youtube videos out on the CT on WoS.  We have done several on Allure and Oasis and enjoy the location in the Suite Lounge.  I'm debating for our November WoS to book it due to the location being in the Solarium Bistro.  Look for Youtube by Harr Travel he just did an extensive tour of the Wonder that must have lasted two hours.  His videos are outstanding.  

    Thank you.  I just watched the video and it is outstanding!  Can't wait for the cruise!


  2. On 11/8/2021 at 2:35 PM, Jgarriso said:

    We did the Livestyle VIP beach and unless you want to do some kind of surfing,  You do not go for the beach,   The water comes up almost to the concrete wall and the waves where about 4 feet high when we where there.  The resort is wonderful for a relaxing day with a lot of pools and confortable beds to lay in.

    What is the name of the resort?


    Thank you,


  3. 6 minutes ago, TRUEBLUE66 said:

    The honest answer is nobody knows,  including Princess and all the other cruise lines. The current situation in Europe and the U.S. isn't looking good anytime soon.

    International travel seems some way off.

    In my opinion, excursions in a "bubble " using ship excursions only will be required for most of this year and maybe beyond. I'm keeping 🤞that the vaccine will change the situation. 

    Other threads are running discussing the same question on several cruise line forums with a few lines like MSC already operating the "bubble" excursions rigorously. 


    Thank you.

  4. Also looking for 5 or 6 good read to load into my ereader for the next cruise next November. Now I want nice vacation-brain books that make me happy nothing that will make me doubt my sanity or question who I am; I do that enough at my job;) (healthcare...don't ask!)


    Try books by Jennifer Donnelly, such as The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose and her newest is Revolution. The first two are so great, I may consider reading them again.




  5. Hi:


    I want to book a tour with Sentir Patagonia for 4 people and I am concerned about the car he wants to use. He says it is a Peugeot Partner and will hold 4 passengers and the driver comfortably. Has anyone taken a tour with them in this vehicle? I just want to make sure we are not squished in the car for the long drive to Peninsula Valdes.




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