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  1. We had Donald from Jamaica too... I remember the "Very Nice". We had him on the Voyager and he was happy that he was doing an itinerary that had him seeing his family every other week. His assistant waiter that trip was Charlton, who was very sweet and quiet, with a great smile.

    Our first cruise on the Explorer we had Angel from the Phillipines and I am drawing a blank on the assitsants name. Our most recent RCI cruise was the Radiance in 04 and we had Dandeep and Sharlene who were great sports. We had a friend traveling with us who is a practical joker and they took it all in stride.

    I guess, in reality, they have all been wonderful.



  2. On the Voyager of the Seas a few years ago, we hit a few days of rougher weather. On the day we were pulling into Labadee, I went to the gym to run on the treadmill. It was not really easy to balance with the way the ship was sailing, but I loved watching the island get closer and closer. My Dh came up to the treadmill next to me and got ready to run. He was wearing headphones and holding a Walkman and I warned him that it was a little rough. He gave me that look of disgust that only a man can give when you question his ability and got on. He immediately started a fast jog. Within seconds, I heard a yelp and was hit hard in the head with something. I looked down at my treadmill to see his Walkman. I looked backwards and there was hubby flat on his butt behind his treadmill. I laughed so hard that I almost peed myself. And no, I did not stop to help him up.

  3. I agree with everyone who said that Janet Evanovich is a good choice. I was reading either 9 or 10 one night while suffering from insomnia. It was about 3 am and I was laughing so hard at the scene on the airplane that I woke up my 11 year old on the next floor of our house.

    Some other suggestions that I didn't see yet....Adriana Trigiani--"Lucia, Lucia" and "Queen of the Big Time" were wonderful. Her Big Stone Gap trilogy was also a a good read. And Jeanne Ray's books are enjoyable and light. I loved "Eat Cake" and "Julie and Romeo". I am thinking of taking "Step Ball Change" on my next trip.

    Happy Reading to everyone and thanks for the good suggestions.



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