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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I also find that fried food and dairy give me a lot of trouble. I can't say that i've noticed salad causes it, but come to think of it I had a really BIG salad sandwich on Tuesday this week and all afternoon and most of Wednesday I had a terrible stomach ache. I think what i'm going to do is start a food diary and write down everything I eat and how it affects me. Might also look for IBS support medication. It may come in handy on my next cruise given the amount of rich food i'm likely to be served!

  2. Hi Everyone!


    Well it turns out that the reason behind a lot of my bloating and other varying stomach related issues is that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


    It explains A LOT for me and the problems that i've suffered for years!


    Just wondering does anyone else here have IBS, and if so how do you cope with it?


    More importantly, what types of foods do you avoid? I'm still learning, but have found out the hard way several times, that dairy foods and deep fried foods cause me a lot of problems :(


    I'd be really keen to find out how other people with this problem deal with it.

  3. Thanks Jo,

    Do you recall chatting on MSN about my pre-selected background song last October? Seems that it fits better than I hoped back then! ;)


    I do remember that chat :) I still have that song plus the other one you emailed me that day on a disc in the car LOL! Every now and then I pull it out and drive down the street listening to Denim & Lace and I think of you hahaha! :D

  4. She has now finished cruising from our shores, and is headed for Singapore on her way to Pulmantur in Europe.


    Her final 9 days farewelling Australian ports.



    I can't believe I never noticed this clip til just now!


    Well done Geoff!! It was fantastic.


    Really loved seeing THREE ships all berthed in Cairns at once. Amazing they can fit them all in there but they can't in Brisbane :confused: :(

  5. Yes, it is Isle of Pines. Don;t know if it's new or not as I've never been there before. Looked like a great place to have linch although I heard it was a little pricey. It was over to the left as you got off the tender.




    OK. Thanks :) It definatley wasn't there in Sep 2005 when I was last there. Looks great! We swam and sunbaked in that spot last time! Obviously the tourist dollars are more appealing than sunbakers LOL! Looking forward to having a peek at it in Feb :D

  6. Gee Stacey (sorry, Vicki) your 15 yo is a stunner


    I have to agree! I bet you're beating the boys off with a stick already!!


    If you want a hand with your flickr let me know - i'm happy to 'talk' you through it. I talked Chez through hers too :D Flickr can be a bit scary at first but once you get into it it's easy :)


    If you want to email me, feel free. jrm1974 at gmail.com

  7. Today Star have released the following short sector options for sale till sold out, so anyone in Australia who wants to do a short sample cruise on a sensational boat then any of these are the go :


    1. 2 nights Sydney - Brisbane one way departing 09/12/07


    I found out about this one yesterday and dearly want to do it but my hubby is saying no :( What a wonderful opportunity it would be to 'sample' such a wonderful ship. I even have leave approved already for that time so it would be perfect! Darn men!! I'll keep working on him though ;) Might have to go alone :p

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