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  1. I Think Grand Turk is the perfect Beach Day.  Almost like Half Moon.  Nice Sand, Beautiful Water, Margarettaville pool if you get tired of the beach.   Walk to the the right of the ship and it is basically a deserted beach that they call the conch grave yard.  Walk to the left of the ship and there are lots of free chairs as well as Jack Shack which is a great place to eat drink and play with Topher.   Can't say too much for the snorkling as the only time I have snorkled in Grand Turk it was from a catamaran.  I think it is hit or miss from the beach.  But that would be my recommendation for a Beach Day.  

  2. We played bingo on the Conquest once last week. I enjoyed it, though it was pricey and it took a long time to call the numbers.


    What I questioned was how the balls are chosen as it seems like it is all computerized and can be set up. I think on the coverall they program the computer to not have a winning number until the 49 balls are called and then it's just the smaller jackpot. Wondering if anyone has actually hit it.

  3. I have been on both boats. The Breeze twice out of Miami and the Dream once out of NOLA.


    I prefer going out of Florida as well as going to the Eastern Caribbean. I would say that the Breeze is my preference. The Red Frog is great for entertainment as well as watching a sporting event and the excellent Pub Trivia every night.

  4. All I need is a beach towel, hat, sunscreen, and a cooler. We also sat at the tables where you can eat lunch - early on we had a whole section to ourselves, and it was very peaceful and lots of foliage.


    I am sure the cabanas will be priced as expensive as people will pay, so if they are selling out early, they are not priced high enough and will likely rise. :D


    We alway walk all the way down to the farthest part of the beach and it feels like you have your own private oasis. Rented a cabana once. Would not do it again. Way too crowded in that area.

  5. Is it really that bad? I’m doing catamaran Snorkel thru carnival. It has great reviews. Although I might be more excited for the rum punch and party, than the snorkeling. [emoji847]


    Is it at least pretty snorkeling? When I went in St Thomas is was all dead coral


    We did this excursion two years ago and it was great. They take you to the wall and you see lots of different fish and coral. The crew was fantastic and the rum punch was good. Im not the best snorkler but I saw lots of fish.


    We are actually going again in May and plan on booking the same tour(y)

  6. We stayed several years ago. Check in time was 3 pm. We sat in the lobby until 5 pm and finally was able to get into our room. The staff completely ignored us. Once in the room it was very dirty. The door looked like it had been kicked in several times. The balcony overlook the dumpster and boy did it stink. Slept with our clothes on. Left at 4 am. was happy to get out of that hotel. Pictures on the internet looked great, but no such room exists in this hotel.


    There is lot better hotels to stay at that are on the Beach...Ocean Manor is not one of them. I would say a lot of the reviews on Trip Advisor are spot on and I am very skeptical of reviews that nitpick a hotel to death, but in this case they are spot on.

  7. On our last several cruises we dined at the Steak House but have not made it to the dining room.


    I don't think we missed anything. My thinking is when I'm full, I'm done eating and in the dining room it usually happened after the appetizers and there is still 3 more courses coming.


    I'm more of a grazer and like to eat every couple of hours, so all the other options are wonderful. Never have gone hungry.


    Enjoy your cruise no matter what your dining choice is.

  8. My Sentiments Exactly Sweet Dutch Girl and I'm in my late 50's the less stuffy the better. To be honest with you I always felt a little uncomfortable with all the attention the wait staff showered on us. I can pull my own sit out as well as put a napkin on my lap. I only really need one set of silverware and it will be excellent having a pitcher of water on the table and a basket of rolls too. Give the staff more time to serve the meal. Looking foward to the American Table on the Breeze in January.

  9. Has anyone ever cruised during super bowl? Do they have huge parties? Just booked cruise for super bowl 2017.

    Go PAT'S


    We sailed on the Pride last year when Our Pats won, we had all but given up on them, went back to our cabin turned on the TV and lo and behold got to watch the win, unbelievable.


    This year we wanted to sail on the Breeze on Superbowl Sunday, but we had prior commitments, so we will be sailing on January 24th, and yes hoping that the Pats will be in the AFC championship Game televised on Sunday.


    A cruise is a great place to watch sporting events and if have a chance to cruise over Holloween, it's a blast.

  10. I was reading someone's review (and now I can not find it) where they were Platinum members and when they arrived at Embarkation in San Juan there was a special section for Platinum members to drop off their bags. I have not found any other reference to this. Does anyone know anything about this?


    If this exists or not, can you drop your luggage off at the ship and head into town without checking in for the ship? Check in later? I would think that it would be a security risk.





    As soon as you approach the port, the porters will be around to take your luggage. If you are Platinum, you will walk up further toward the terminal and there is a VIP drop-off. We didn't know that at the time we boarded, so we ended up just giving the first porter our luggage. When we realized there was a VIP drop off, we asked and they said that it would eventually end up at the VIP area and we did get our luggage very fast.


    You don't have to check in to have your luggage checked in just drop with the porter and walk around San Juan. When you ready, check yourself in.

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