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  1. Hi all - anyone have feedback and/or pics of Disney Wonder Stateroom 7138? It is a wheelchair accessible stateroom, as my hubby is in a wheelchair. I found some, but seem to be a bit dated so any newer experience info or pics would be GREATLY appreciated. I will also post in the special interest board, but this one seems to be more active. Thanks in advance.

  2. On the Spirit the drinks did not appear on your final statement, only the VAT charged on drinks while in a Spainish port. the UDP was listed


    please note that the Drink slip you sign shows the full cost of the drink charge and is not zero, this is done later.

    this is why VAT can be added.

    Vat on the Canary cruise in Barcelona and Malaga was 10%,

    bill shows VODKA $7.50 AUTO GRATS $1.13 VAT 10% $0,75 TOTAL 9.38.

    You sign this but only the Vat charged is on your statement.

    Be warned though this 10% can be added to your bill on all drinks if the ship does not leave EU waters.

    hope it helps j



    Thanks! We will be on the Star doing the Mexico ports in March. I was curious if my brother's (who is a bit of a heavy drinker) folio would be pages and pages and pages long - haha :p.

  3. We took our four kids on that excursion there and had a fun time. The only part that was a little dicey was that they had breakfast on the ship for our trip and we had to eat in the galley down below and two of my kids got sea sick eating down below......it was a little rough. We had fun though, the staff were good, they do a show on the way back which involved my oldest son which was great fun!!! I believe they took us to a beach for a few hours and that was good as well. All in all, I would do it once!!!! The kids will surely enjoy it!




    Thank you, Leah. I think I will make sure we eat before and/or bring some small breakfast itmes with us. I can see going down below would be rough for some :)

  4. I am hoping Don will come to the rescue with loads of information when he returns for those of us waiting to cruise the Star. I don't know Don but he seems to be a stand up guy offering to report on the things I asked about on other threads.


    I would love to know about the extravaganza stage shows. The shows are my favorite night time entertainment.


    Oh totally agree, can't wait for Don's review!

  5. I am counting on Don to write a great review and give us the lay of the land. I know I already have one item on your action plan but aside for the martini run let us know about the 13 deck beverages.


    Agree - looking forward to a great review, Don!

  6. We son't seem to be having much luck on these boards getting the answers we are looking for from your thread.


    I will pose the question on my Roll Call since several have cruised before on the STAR.

    I will share them with you if I get any good "positive" answers. :)




    Thanks, Don. Appreciate your support :)! I will post in my roll call as well, but ours is pretty dead :(!

  7. Could someone who has been on the STAR, please answer the original thread question with something like this for a similar thread on the Dawn? :)

    These are great tips (for the Dawn!)

    I believe this is what the originator of the thread was looking for.


    "Originally Posted by cvgurl125

    Just returned from Dawn today 11/7/14. Here are my tips.

    1.The 24 hour waiter service food in Blue Lagoon is a treat. You can order to go. It's faster than room service. 2.Don't miss the Elements show. It's fabulous. All the entertainment on Dawn was great.

    3.You can order a whole pizza delivery at anytime and to anywhere- your room, a bar, the pool, anywhere.

    4. There are two wine tastings at Le Bistro. They include six wines, different each time and cheese, crackers and fruit are provided. Educational and worth the $$.

    5. Gatsby's martini tasting was fun. It's also a great after dinner drink spot. The nightly entertainment there was great.

    6. The game shows in Spinnaker were fun. I was only a spectator but laughed lots at each one.

    7. If you get the chance to see Chloe and Darren's Just the Two of Us Cabaret go. They are very talented and have great chemistry.

    8. The French toast was a delicious reliable breakfast in every dining venue.

    9. Made to order omelettes and waffle station in buffet at breakfast and crepes at dinner are a must try.

    10 Preferred Aqua over Venetian for atmosphere and service. Loved food at Teppanyaki and Cagneys. Best spent dining money however was the Jazz Brunch in La Cuchina. Food was amazing and entertainment was constant.

    My two cents. Enjoy."


    This is the type of response that really would be helpful for someone's first cruise on the STAR.


    Thanks so much if you have an answer like the above. :)



    Don, yes - exactly, Thank you! Exactly what info I am look for about the Star that you provided about the Dawn! Thanks for helping try to get the kind of info I was aiming for :D:D!

  8. We will be on the Star the week before you sail. Our sailing will be the first one after dry dock so we are excited about seeing what changes may occur. I will not be posting while on board but maybe someone will with the updates.


    That's great! I have heard very lil' about the dry dock and I am so curious to know what they will update. I didn’t think they could do much in 2-weeks, but I guess according to others there that a lot can be done in a 24-hour a day / 2-week work schedule!!! So excited to see/hear what they do.

  9. LOL Sorry :o (although a lot of the postings are probably questions and comments from posters here on cc that you can skip over :p).


    No, no - no reason to be sorry! Those are the ones I like - longer, detailed, with pictures and with lots of questions. I love your opening already. You are exactly right, it's your experience and everyones experience is different! I can't wait to get through it all!

  10. While researching for another cruise last year someone asked for the top tips and secrets for a certain ship and found they were very helpful. Can people provide top tips or secrets for the Star? Favorites things about the ship and suites, dislikes as well perhaps? I found this VERY helpful when researching for another cruise last year. We will be on the Star in March out of Los Angeles. Thanks so much in advance.

  11. Thanks to all for your replies - very, very helpful :).


    1 final question please. We will have the UBPs and when you purchase you are already charged 15% gratuity. Is it standard/customary to provide additional tip when getting drinks or only extra/additional tip warranted based on service? What have others done? I know they work for tips and don’t want to cheat anyone - was not sure if that initial gratuity really goes to them or they expect tip at the time of service as well. Thanks.

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