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  1. On 8/21/2020 at 9:19 PM, BND said:

    Where is the evidence that the a/c is an issue?

    I mean, to me, I’ve done my own research which includes discussions with my physician, but...it’s common sense. Way too contagious for it not to be airborne.  

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  2. My mom lives in a condo on LBK in the winter. Fingers crossed that everyone and everything is relatively safe but not encouraged at this point. Been going to St. Armands, the Mote, Salty Dog and children's garden for years. Really love it down there. Very sad day.




    I'm with you.


    Looks like the area might be okay, looks a bit more promising now with the storm shifting west and down to a Cat 2. Let's hope!

  3. Prayers and thoughts to you. My mom has a waterfront condo at St Armand's and we have been watching this for what feels left me weeks. Be safe.




    Love St.Armand's. I hope her condo survives.


    We are due to go down at the end of October to a friend's condo right on Siesta. We're hoping it survives as well.

  4. Hi Stacy. :)




    I keep checking this thread too. I moved out of the Keys last year, but I'm still worried sick. They're going to be devastated. :(




    Paul, nice to hear from you. I was particularly interested in your posts, I knew you'd be extra worried and have some insight. We are very worried about the keys, too. Miami as well.


    I read somewhere, not sure if true, that there are a bunch of people staying in the Hemingway House.


    Not smart....

  5. Thinking of and praying for everyone in Irma's path. This is terrible, I feel for everyone in the Caribbean and Florida.


    Thanks for all the posts of updates.


    Anyone know where the empty ships are? Just out at sea? Wondering where Majesty is...



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  6. I shot this photo of the Serenade as she sailed into port Everglades from the Hilton Hotel. We forgot our binoculars and without the lit up blue C&A emblem I couldn't tell what ship it was until in made for the RCI Terminal.




    The smoke stack is now lit by flood lights.












    I wonder why they're doing that?! Odd. Btw, enjoying your cruise along with you, thanks as always for sharing and posting! Enjoy the rest of your cruise.



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  7. These reflector lights used to change colors but they don't anymore.












    The RCI Crown & Anchor Symbols on the smoke stack used to light up bright blue from the inside but they don't anymore. RCI Ships with the back lit emblem were really easy to spot at night.










    Trainman, are you serious? The Crown and Anchor emblems aren't lit anymore? Wth!?



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  8. Hi Stacy. :) I'm in New Orleans now. I was offered a job promotion and took it, so I had to move to the big city. I went from one form of crazy to another. If given the choice again, I'd still do this....but I'm really missing the Keys. It's the country's most beautiful waters, in my opinion. :(




    I bet you miss it. Hope you can go visit soon.


    We are headed down to Siesta Key tomorrow...bit worried about Matthew!

  9. We used to cruise Majesty religiously, a few times a year dating back to her 7 nighters. Been on the ship over 30 times. Mostly all of the things you experienced, we did, too. We stopped sailing on her. I was so annoyed the last time aboard because of the "excuses" and overall poor service we kept experiencing.


    No matter what we wanted- limes, lemons, certain type of champagne, banana daiquiri, lava flow....they told me they had none of it. Bartenders (except Schooner) were rude and unhelpful.


    Sad to see the ship like this, so many great memories on her!

  10. I just got home. My car said it was 5 degrees. There is a major wind blowing and they say the windchill tonight will be about -20 to -30 F.:(:(:(:(:mad:



    Horrible!! It's 9 here. We've had basically no winter, but this is still rough! Hope you stay safe and warm. Think of those warm Caribbean breezes you left not too long ago....

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