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  1. I've checked all four of our bookings, and none of them are showing 25% off ANYTHING. Who is able to use these sales and why don't they apply to ours if I have been given the email? 🤷‍♀️

  2. We were in cabin 11115 for our February cruise. The first night was horrible. No sleep. Went to concierge to say something and she sent up maintenance who did a few things. It was little better, but when the seas were rough, it was back again. We had five couples and ours was the only cabin with a problem.  (We were given a FCC for our inconvenience) 


  3. 1 hour ago, Ipeeinthepools said:

    I guess I'm not surprised that the Beyond is crowded.  The Beyond has about 10 percent more passengers and the same size pool deck.

    I would think there is actually LESS seat space since half of the pool area is the walking track. Not to mention not as much shade area on the upper deck compared to M class.

  4. We have multiple cruises booked to the Caribbean and we normally do the catamarans. Celebrity isn't offering the Fury (which I know is still operating) or Antiqua by Sea (still operating). We are disappointed, and just wondered if anyone had knowledge of why? 

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